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Checklist of the Lichens of Australia and its Island Territories
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Coccocarpia adnata Arv.
  Opera Bot. 67: 42 (1983)
T: 20 km S of Rose Hill, Plaine Champagne, Mauritius, 14 Apr. 1979, L.Arvidsson & D.Nilsson 2660; holo: GB.
  Thallus to 5 cm wide, whitish grey to leaden grey. Lobes 0.4–0.9 mm wide, discrete or adjacent, adnate, flat, linear or narrowly cuneate, much branched; apices truncate, without deflexed margins. Upper surface epruinose, without isidia. Lower surface black. Rhizines black, often forming a thin hypothallus at lobe margins. Apothecia often present, to 3 mm wide, pale red to black. Ascospores fusiform, 8–13 × 3–5 µm.
  Occurs from Cooktown S to Ingham, Qld. A palaeotropical species ranging from E Africa to Fiji. Grows on tree trunks and charred wood in mangrove communities and at margins of rainforest.  
  Arvidsson (1992)  

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