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Checklist of the Lichens of Australia and its Island Territories
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Coccocarpia glaucina Kremp.
  Nuovo Giorn. Bot. Ital. 7: 14 (1875)
T: Sarawak, 1866, O.Beccari 148; holo: M.
  Thallus to 9 cm wide, whitish grey or leaden grey. Lobes 1–6 mm wide, strongly concave-canaliculate, with upcurled margins, especially at apices, contiguous, narrowly cuneate to flabellate, not or only weakly branched; apices round. Upper surface epruinose, isidiate. Isidia terete or slightly flattened, sometimes squamulose, usually becoming coralloid-branched with age, marginal, occasionally also laminal. Lower surface pale or black. Rhizines at lobe apices becoming upright or even bent in over upper surface. Apothecia rare; disc flat or concave, to 1.5 mm wide, reddish brown. Ascospores fusiform, 6–10 × 2–4 µm.
  Occurs in Cardwell-Innisfail area, north-eastern Qld. Known from Malacca to the Philippines and Samoa. Epiphytic in the canopies of rainforest trees.  
  Arvidsson (1992)  

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Introduction | A–D | E–O | P–R | S–Z | Oceanic Islands | References

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