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Checklist of the Lichens of Australia and its Island Territories
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Degelia durietzii Arv. & D.J.Galloway
  Lichenologist 13: 41 (1981)
T: Nina Valley, Canterbury, South Is., N.Z., 1969, D.J.Galloway; holo: CHR; iso: BM, UPS.
  Thallus orbicular, loosely attached, to 7 cm wide, dark leaden grey to bluish when wet. Lobes 0.3–0.7 (–0.9) cm wide, adjacent to somewhat imbricate, broadly cuneate, with deflexed, ±entire margins. Upper surface matt, uneven, in parts scabrid, usually with shallow transverse concentric ridges, isidiate; isidia concolorous with thallus, laminal and marginal, at first granular, becoming terete, often becoming crowded in older parts. Lower surface pale; rhizohyphae, dense, becoming blackened. Apothecia ±sparse, to 1.5 mm wide; disc concave becoming flat, usually pale reddish brown; paler proper exciple distinct, often closely associated with a ring of granular, terete or flattened isidia; hymenium I+ blue. Ascospores 11–15 × 5–8 µm. Pycnidia ±rare. Conidia 3–4 × 1 µm.
  Occurs in N.S.W. and Tas., on bark. Also in N.Z. and Fiji.  
  Jørgensen & Galloway (1992a)  

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