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Checklist of the Lichens of Australia and its Island Territories
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Pannaria tavaresii P.M.Jørg.
  Opera Bot. 45: 68 (1978)
T: Loveland Heights, Larimer County, Colorado, USA, 1953, E.Dahl; holo: O; iso: COLO.
  Thallus ±foliose, rosette-forming, 1–4 cm wide, closely attached. Lobes 1–3 mm wide, adjacent to imbricate, cuneate to flabellate; apices ±thickened, entire to crenate, somewhat frosted. Upper surface matt, slightly scabrid-cobwebby in parts with simple, terete, digitiform isidia, dark slate blue. Lower surface pale, with frequent blue-black rhizohyphae. Cyanobiont Nostoc, in clusters. Apothecia common, 0.5–1 mm wide; disc flat to subconvex, yellow-brown to pale red-brown; thalline exciple persistent, crenulate, minutely isidiate. Ascospores 15–19 × 9–10 µm, often acuminate, to 25 µm long; exosporium rugulose.
  A rarely collected species in Australia, known only from a few localities in N.S.W. in lowland gullies on bark at the base of trees in wet sclerophyll forest.  
  Jørgensen & Galloway (1992a)  

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