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Checklist of the Lichens of Australia and its Island Territories
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Psoroma asperellum Nyl.
  Syn. Meth. Lich. 2: 24 (1863)
T: Cape of Good Hope, South Africa, coll. unknown, ex Herb. Hampe; holo: H-NYL 30818–19. *****Pannaria imbricata Nyl., Syn. Meth. Lich. 2: 31 (1863). T: Circular Head, Tas., coll. unknown, ex Herb. Hooker; lecto: H-NYL 31277, fide D.J.Galloway, Fl. New Zealand Lichens 469 (1985); isolecto: BM.
  Thallus small-squamulose, in colonies to 3 cm wide, or on bark to 5 cm wide. Squamules ascending from a fine, black prothallus, delicate, 0.3–0.8 mm wide, rounded, incised, minutely lobulate, rather loose, pale greenish grey to bright lettuce green when wet, pale whitish grey on storage; upper surface smooth, matt, epruinose at margins, the squamules crowded to dispersed. Lower surface ±corticate, white; rhizohyphae few or absent. Cephalodia ±frequent, laminal and marginal, flattened, placodioid or minutely lobed, squamulose, pale grey-blue. Apothecia sessile, ±frequent, round; disc conspicuous, 0.5–1.5 mm wide, flat to subconvex, matt, continuous, pale yellow-orange to pale red-brown; thalline exciple crenulate to minutely subsquamulose, overlying a thin, entire, pale proper exciple. Ascospores ellipsoidal-fusiform, 12–25 × 8–10 µm.
  Occurs in N.S.W., Vic. and Tas., among mosses on trees in humid rainforest habitats, still rarely collected. Also known from New Zealand.  
  Jørgensen & Galloway (1992a)  

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