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Checklist of the Lichens of Australia and its Island Territories
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Psoroma fruticulosum P.James & Henssen
  Mycotaxon 18: 31 (1983)
T: foot of Ventisquero Mayo, Cerro Mayo, Lago Argentino, Prov. Santa Cruz, Argentina, P.W.James 81; holo: BM.
  ThThallus ±squamulose or small-laciniate, without prothallus or attaching rhizohyphae, in ±dense swards or cushions, usually 2–5 cm wide. Squamules separate, laciniate, erect, congested, compacted, ±spathulate at apices, laterally compressed with a ±distinctly roughened upper and a pale lower surface, rarely terete, 2–6 mm tall; branches 0.1–1 mm wide, to 3 mm long and c. 0.5 mm thick, erect or occasionally flattened, spreading. Upper surface matt, uneven, scabrid, areolate-cracked at centre, smooth ±waxy at apices, brownish green to tawny yellow or red-brown or blackened at margin. Lower surface ±uniformly downy-pubescent, buff or whitish. Cephalodia marginal at laciniae bases, laterally compressed, spathulate, ±wrinkled-plicate in parts, yellow-brown to blackish at centre, grey-blue at apices, often also white-pubescent. Apothecia initially on upper surface of laciniae, often large and expanded above laciniae, 3–11 mm wide; disc flat to undulate, concave to deeply cupuliform, becoming convex, matt, epruinose, red-brown to brown-black, yellow-brown in sheltered habitats; thalline exciple verrucose-areolate below disc, subentire to verrucose or ±crenate-striate at margin of disc, concolorous with thallus. Ascospores 18–23 × 6–10 µm; episporium to 3 µm thick, hyaline.
  A characteristic, caespitose to mat-forming species found in subalpine to alpine soils, amongst mosses and in drainage cracks of rocks and in rocky alpine grassland crevices. Apparently rare in Vic.; also in southern New Zealand and South America.  
  Jørgensen & Galloway (1992a)  

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