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Checklist of the Lichens of Australia and its Island Territories
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Arthrorhaphis grisea Th.Fr.
  Lich. Arct. 203 (1860). T: Aldcok, Varanger, Finnmark, Norway, 1857, Th.M.Fries; lecto: UPS L-23099 (62401), fide W.Obermayer, Nova Hedwigia 58: 312 (1994).  
  Thallus parasitic, immersed in thalli of the lichen Baeomyces heteromorphus (in Australia); colour of the infected areas of the host greyish white to green-grey. Apothecia sessile, solitary, 0.2–0.6 mm diam., erupting as black hemispheres through the (host) thallus (also occurring on the podetia and ascomata of B. heteromorphus); disc at first deeply urceolate, becoming plane; margin thick, crenulate, ±persistent; epithecium blackish brown above, bluish green below; hymenium 90–120 µm high. Asci 8-spored, 85–115 × 11–13 µm. Ascospores long-acicular, arranged within the ascus at the same height, 7–14-septate, 50–90 × 3–3.5 (–4) µm. CHEMISTRY: No lichen substances, although norstictic acid from the host thallus may be detected.
  Occurs in Tas. at altitudes of 350–1300 m. A bipolar species, especially common in montane regions of central Europe.  
  Obermayer (2001)  

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