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Checklist of the Lichens of Australia and its Island Territories
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Peltula imbricata Filson
  Muelleria 6: 506 (1988). T: 1 km E of Pine Gap, Macdonnell Ra., N.T., 17 Sept. 1983, J.A.Elix 11319 & L.A.Craven; holo: MEL.  
  Thallus closely appressed to the substratum, forming small colonies or a continuous crust up to 10 mm wide, composed of small imbricate lobes, anchored by thick hyphal cords penetrating deep into the substratum, olive-green, sometimes pale yellow- or white-pruinose; lobes concave, to 0.7 mm wide; margins entire, olive-brown, slightly raised. Upper cortex 12 µm thick. Medulla of loose to compact interwoven hyphae with air spaces. Lower surface pale pink to pinkish brown. Lower cortex to 30 µm thick. Apothecia sessile, up to 1 mm diam., with a thalline rim; disc widely exposed, reddish brown; hymenium deep blue in iodine; reaction after pretreatment with KOH unknown. Ascospores more than 100 per ascus, ellipsoidal, 6–7 × 3 µm. Pycnidia not known.
  An endemic species that occurs on arid soil in central Australia (southern N.T.).  
  Büdel (2001)  

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