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Checklist of the Lichens of Australia and its Island Territories
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Pseudocyphellaria soredioglabra Kantvilas & Elix
  Muelleria 12: 217 (1999). T: 4.5 km W of Liawenee, ridge E of Ouse R., Tas., 7 Dec. 1993, J.A.Elix 40061 & G.Kantvilas 184/93; holo: HO; iso: BM, CANB.  
  Thallus irregularly spreading or rosette-forming, loosely attached, to c. 20 cm wide. Lobes very variable, imbricate throughout or ±discrete, strap-like and contiguous, radiating towards the thallus margins, 3.5–12 cm long, (3–) 7–13 mm wide, rather coriaceous and robust; apices ±irregularly rounded, crenulate, ±adnate to the substratum or slightly ascending; lobe margins ascending, crenate and irregularly incised, or sinuate and densely and ±continuously sorediate except near the lobe apices; soredia whitish or pale yellowish white, coarsely granular to granular-glomerulate, sometimes ±pseudoisidiate. Upper surface pale yellow to yellowish green, sometimes discoloured brownish in the thallus centre, undulate, smooth to weakly scrobiculate in older lobes, glossy, glabrous, emaculate. Medulla white. Photobiont green. Lower surface black centrally, dark brown or pale brown towards the lobe apices, smooth to weakly wrinkled, occasionally bullate in older parts, with dense dark brown to brown tomentum, extending almost to the lobe apices, sometimes rather patchy centrally. Pseudocyphellae white, scattered, roundish, 0.25–0.7 mm wide, plane, not excavate, sometimes slightly elevated in conical verrucae, or nestling in tomentum. Apothecia unknown. CHEMISTRY: Usnic acid, hopane-15β,22-diol, 7β-acetoxyhopanane-22-ol, tenuiorin, stictic acid, constictic acid, cryptostictic acid and norstictic acid.
  Endemic to Tas.; occurs in open eucalypt woodland and heathland, especially at subalpine to alpine altitudes, mostly on dolerite rocks, and more rarely on wood or bark.  
  Galloway et al. (2001)  

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