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Checklist of the Lichens of Australia and its Island Territories
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Anzia minor Yoshim.
  in I.Yoshimura & J.A.Elix, J. Hattori Bot. Lab. 74: 288 (1993)
T: east of Nerriga, N.S.W., 1 Dec. 1965, S.Kurokawa 6405; holo: TNS; iso: CANB, NICH, US.
  Thallus loosely adnate, orbicular to spreading. Lobes sublinear, 0.4–0.5 mm wide; margins entire; apices rotund. Upper surface pale grey to bluish grey, becoming brown after storage, often with transverse cracks in older lobes, without soredia and isidia. Medulla with chondroid axis of parallel, longitudinally arranged hyphae in middle of lobes. Lower surface occasionally visible between spongiostratum cushions and at lobe apices, shiny, smooth, white; spongiostratum moniliform, forming globose to ellipsoidal cushions, brown-black to black; rhizines scattered, simple, borne singly at borders of spongiostratum cushions. Apothecia common, pedicellate; disc weakly convex to ±flat, dark brown to black; thalline exciple concolorous with upper surface, upper part smooth. Ascospores 12 × 2–3 µm. Pycnidia globose. Conidia 4–5 × 0.5 µm. CHEMISTRY: Chemical race 1: cortex K+ yellow; medulla K-, C-, KC-, P-; containing atranorin, chloroatranorin and 4-O-methylhypoprotocetraric acid; containing traces of isonotatic acid, subnotatic acid, hypoprotocetraric acid and 4-O-demethylnotatic acid. Chemical race 2: cortex K+ yellow; medulla K-, C-, KC-, P+ orange-red; containing atranorin, chloratranorin and protocetraric acid.
  Occurs only in N.S.W. on outcrops of Hawkesbury sandstone.  
  Sammy & Galloway (1994)  

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