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Checklist of the Lichens of Australia and its Island Territories
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Cetraria australiensis W.A.Weber ex Kärnefelt
  Bot. Not. 130: 127 (1977)
T: summit of Mt Stillwell, Kangaroo Range, 1891 m, above Charlotte Pass, Kosciusko State Park [Kosciusko National Park], Snowy Mountains, N.S.W., 2 Feb. 1968, W.A.Weber & D.McVean; holo: COLO. ****Coelocaulon australiense W.A.Weber, distributed in W.A.Weber, Lich. Exsicc. Colorado 454, nom. nud. ****[Cornicularia odontella auct. non (Ach.) Röhl.: R.B.Filson, Checklist of Australian Lichens 1st edn, 31 (1983)].
  Thallus unbranched at the base, becoming abundantly dichotomously branched in upper parts, small, to 3 cm tall. Lobes almost flat to weakly canaliculate, to 2 mm wide; margins usually thicker than central parts, with projections to 0.5 mm long; marginal pseudocyphellae very small and punctiform; cilia scattered, branched, 1–2 mm long. Upper surface usually darker than lower surface, with reddish basal parts, smooth, dull. Laminal pseudocyphellae absent. Lower surface smooth, dull, yellowish brown to dark brown. Apothecia not known. Pycnidia rare. Conidia oblong citriform, c. 6 × 1 µm. CHEMISTRY: medulla K-, C-, KC-, P-; containing lichesterinic acid (major), protolichesterinic acid (major), ursolic acid (minor) and unidentified fatty acids (traces).
  Known from alpine habitats in south-eastern Australia (N.S.W., A.C.T., Vic. and Tas.). Grows on branches of small shrubs or on the litter below them.  
  Filson (1994)  

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