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Checklist of the Lichens of Australia and its Island Territories
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Cetraria islandica (L.) Ach. subsp. antarctica Kärnefelt
  Opera Bot. 46: 90 (1979)
T: near Hotel Rio Rubens, Rio Rubens (about 50 km SE of Natales [Puerto Natales]), Terra Magallanes, Chile, 1941, R.Santesson 5674; holo: S, n.v., fide I.Kärnefelt, loc. cit.
  Thallus sparsely to moderately branched, to 2–4 cm tall. Lobes variable, rather stiff and thick, canaliculate or flatter with the margins bent inwards, 1–5 mm wide; marginal lobules sometimes present; marginal projections usually present, occasionally present on upper surface of lobes, 0.1–1.5 mm long; marginal pseudocyphellae sometimes forming continuous line, but often only present as dots along margin, rarely inconspicuous; eciliate. Upper surface ±concolorous with lower surface, sometimes darker, especially in the upper parts, usually smooth or somewhat rugose, shiny or dull. Laminal pseudocyphellae on lower surface, few and small, rarely larger and more conspicuous. Lower surface usually smooth, occasionally slightly rugose or foveolate, glossy or dull, dark brown to chestnut-brown, with dullish red to dark red basal part. Apothecia not seen. Pycnidia dark brown. Conidia oblong citriform, c. 6 × 1 µm. CHEMISTRY: medulla K- or K+ yellow, C-, KC-, P+ yellow to red or P-; containing lichesterinic acid (major), protolichesterinic acid (major), fumarprotocetraric acid (minor), succinprotocetraric acid (trace), protocetraric acid (trace) and ursolic acid (trace).
  Occurs in south-eastern Australia (N.S.W, Vic. and Tas.); also on Mt Wilhelm in Papua New Guinea and in South America, South Georgia, the Falkland Is., Isla de los Estados and the South Is. of New Zealand. Occurs in open, windswept, alpine herbfields, grassland and heaths where it grows close to the ground on dead bushes and amongst grasses and rock.  
  Filson (1994)  

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