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Checklist of the Lichens of Australia and its Island Territories
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Parmeliopsis ambigua (Wulfen) Nyl.
  Lich. Lapp. Orient. 121 (1866) [preprint from Not. Sällsk. Fauna Fl. Fenn. Förh. 8: 121 (1882)]
Lichen ambiguus Wulfen in N.J. von Jacquin, Collect. Bot. Spectantia (Vienna) 4: 239, t. 4, fig. 2 (1790). T: [Germany], precise locality and collector unknown; holo: not located. *****Parmelia viridosoredians Elix, Austral. J. Bot. 29: 21 (1981). T: Mount Guthrie, Kosciusko National Park, N.S.W., 9 Feb. 1978, J.A.Elix 4334; holo: MEL; iso: CANB.
  Thallus orbicular, to 1–3 cm wide or irregularly expanded. Lobes congested throughout or separate at apices, sublinear-elongate, subdichotomously branched, 0.5–1.5 mm wide. Upper surface yellowish green, flat and roughened near periphery, becoming rugose towards thallus centre, densely sorediate; soralia orbicular at first, coalescing, often occurring on ridges; soredia farinose, green. Lower surface pale brown, black towards centre; rhizines simple or sparsely branched, concolorous or darkening. Apothecia sessile or shortly pedicellate, 1–2 mm wide; thalline exciple entire or becoming sorediate. Ascospores 7–11 × 2.5–3 µm. Pycnidia rare. Conidia curved, 12–18 × 0.5–1 µm. CHEMISTRY: cortex K-, UV-; medulla K-, C-, KC+ rose, P-; containing usnic acid, divaricatic acid (major) and nordivaricatic acid.
  Rare, on bark of trees and dead wood in mountain areas of southern N.S.W., A.C.T., Vic., and Tas. Widely distributed in boreal regions of the Northern Hemisphere.  
  Elix (1994s)  

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