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Checklist of the Lichens of Australia and its Island Territories
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Parmotrema sticticum (Louwhoff & Elix) O.Blanco, A.Crespo, Divakar, Elix & Lumbsch
  Mycologia 97: 158 (2005); Rimelia stictica Louwhoff & Elix, Mycotaxon 68: 452 (1998). T: Lord Howe Island, Goat House Cave at base of Mt Lidgbird escarpment, 31°33’50”S, 159°05’15”E, 420 m, on soil and debris in moist rainforest with Dracophyllum and Cyathea, J.A.Elix 42275, 7 February 1995 (CANB).  
  Thallus loosely adnate, membranaceous to coriaceous, to 3 cm wide.  Lobes irregular, twisted, ±revolute, 4-5 mm wide, margins crenate to incised, ±laciniate, ciliate; cilia black, 1-3 mm long, simple, sparse.  Upper surface pale grey-green, smooth, with white effigurate maculae; maculae laminal, ±fissuring into reticulate cracks, lacking dactyls, isidia and soredia.  Medulla white.  Lower surface black, shiny, rhizinate, with naked, brown, marginal zone, 1-3 mm wide; rhizines moderately dense, black, mostly simple, 1-3(-5) mm long.  Apothecia and pycnidia not seen. CHEMISTRY: cortex K+ yellow; medulla K+ yellow then orange, C-, P+ orange; containing atranorin, chloroatranorin, stictic acid (major), menegazziaic acid, cryptostictic acid, constictic acid, peristictic acid, methyl b-orsellinate, methyl stictic acid.
  Known only from the type collection which was collected from soil and debris in moist rainforest in Lord Howe Is.  
  Louwhoff & Elix (1998)  

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