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Checklist of the Lichens of Australia and its Island Territories
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Phylloblastia dolichospora Vain.
  Ann. Acad. Sci. Fenn., ser. A, 15(6): 323 (1921). T: Philippines, McGregor 10803; holo: TUR n.v.  
  Thallus very thin, comprising a dark brown to black hypothallus with scattered, contiguous or imbricate whitish to pale grey-green “areolae”, these sometimes almost squamulose or lobate, matt and ±smooth to minutely uneven. Algae resembling Trentepohlia; cells 4–8 (–10) × 4–7 µm. Perithecia sessile, pyriform, constricted at the base, 0.2–0.42 mm diam., 0.3–0.5 mm high, dull greenish black, smooth; apex rounded or a little pointed; ostiole inconspicuous or in a shallow depression; involucrellum absent. Excipulum to 50 µm thick near the apex, to 30 µm thick at the base. Centrum 0.15–0.32 mm wide. Periphyses to 25 µm long. Asci elongate-cylindrical to narrowly clavate, 150–200 × 20–25 µm. Ascospores with 40–70 transverse septa, with 1 longitudinal septum in most of the middle 20–30 cells, usually elongate-cylindrical, frequently curved or sigmoidal and entwined in the ascus, often tapering towards the proximal end, 110–180 × 7–10 µm.
  Rare on leaves of rainforest trees in north-eastern Qld. Also in West Africa and Malesia.  

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