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Checklist of the Lichens of Australia and its Island Territories
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Porina fluminea P.M.McCarthy & P.N.Johnson
  Nova Hedwigia 61: 499 (1995). T: New Zealand, North Island, Wellington, Akatarawa Valley, Waterfall Creek, grid ref. R27/877 254, alt. 360 m, on stable siliceous rocks emergent from bed of shaded forest stream,, P.N.Johnson 670; holo: CHR 494624.  
  Thallus crustose, epilithic, continuous, very dark greyish green, becoming more vivid green when wetted, matt, ±smooth, 20-40 µm thick, ecorticate. Algae Trentepohlia; cells subglobose, 7-16 × 7-12 µm. Interstitial hyphae c. 2 µm wide. Prothallus visible as fine, blackish lines separating contiguous thalli. Perithecia very numerous, hemispherical, slightly or almost entirely overgrown by the thallus, (0.2-) 0.29 (-0.37) mm diam. Apex rounded; ostiole inconspicuous or minutely papillate. Involucrellum apical or dimidiate, with a dark greenish grey to green-black, 15-25 µm thick outer layer, paler within and containing algae. Centrum subglobose to depressed-ovate, 0.1-0.15 mm diam. Excipulum hyaline, 12-20 µm thick. Periphyses absent. Paraphyses simple, c. 0.8 µm thick. Asci unitunicate, elongate-cylindrical to almost elongate-fusiform, 8-spored, with a rounded to subacute apex, 90-100 × 16-18 µm. Ascospores hyaline, 5-septate, elongate-ellipsoid, subcylindrical or subfusiform, usually with rounded ends, irregularly biseriate in the asci, (18-) 23.5 (-30) × (5-) 6.5 (-8) µm. Conidiomata numerous, semi-immersed to almost entirely immersed, green-black above, hyaline below, 60-90 (-100) µm diam. Conidia elongate-fusiform, 2-3.5 × 0.8 µm.
  Occurs on semi-aquatic rocks in alpine N.S.W.; also in New Zealand.  

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