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Checklist of the Lichens of Australia and its Island Territories
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Porina rubentior (Stirt.) Müll.Arg.
  Flora 66: 444 (1883); Verrucaria rubentior Stirt., Proc. Roy. Philos. Soc. Glasgow 11: 107 (1978). T: Brazil, Trail; lecto: BM n.v., fide R.Lücking, Bot. Acta 109: 259 (1996).  
  Thallus epiphyllous, small and scattered or confluent and forming moderately large colonies, continuous, pale green to medium greyish green, smooth, matt to slightly glossy; prothallus not apparent. Algae Phycopeltis; cells rectangular, forming radiating plates. Perithecia superficial, convex to subhemispherical or subconical, 0.13–0.21 mm diam., medium orange-brown to dark reddish brown or dark cherry-red, smooth, matt to glossy, rarely translucent when wetted; base spreading; apex ±rounded or slightly conical; ostioleinconspicuous. Involucrellum spreading, c. 15–30 µm thick, dark orange-brown to dark red-brown in thin section, with a thin thalline covering near the base. Exciple c. 10 µm thick, pale yellow-brown. Asci narrowly obclavate, 38–50 × 7–10 µm. Ascospores bacilliform to narrowly fusiform, 3-septate, 13–21 × 2–3 µm; perispore not apparent. Pycnidia not seen.
  Occurs in north-eastern Qld; an inconspicuous species on the leaves of shrubs and trees in lowland and montane rainforest. This pantropical species is most common in the Americas.  
  McCarthy (2001b)  

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