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Checklist of the Lichens of Australia and its Island Territories
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Strigula viridiseda (Nyl.) R.C.Harris
  Bryologist 83: 18 (1980). T: French Guyana, Melinon; holo: H-NYL 719, n.v.  
  Thallus crustose, endophloeodal, greenish white. Algae Trentepohlia. Prothallus not apparent. Perithecia numerous, usually solitary, 2/3 immersed to semi-immersed to almost superficial (when post-mature), convex, hemispherical, somewhat conical or subglobose, (0.24–) 0.41 (–0.55) mm diam.; surface soon becoming coarsely uneven. Perithecial apex rounded to somewhat pointed; ostiole usually inconspicuous or in a shallow depression. Involucrellum extending to excipulum-base level or incurved beneath the excipulum, 60–110 µm thick, jet-black, becoming rather brittle. Excipulum pale to medium brown near the apex, hyaline to pale brown at the base, c. 15 µm thick. Centrum depressed-ovate, 0.18–0.3 mm wide. Paraphyses simple to sparingly branched, c. 1 µm thick. Periphyses absent. Asci elongate-cylindrical, 95–120 × 5–7 µm; apex rounded, with a minute, convex to tuberculate ocular chamber. Ascospores 8 per ascus, hyaline, fusiform, elongate-fusiform or somewhat clavate, 1-septate, uniseriate but overlapping, (12–) 16 (–20) × (3–) 4 (–5) µm. Conidiomata numerous, semi-immersed to almost superficial, 0.1–0.18 mm diam., black above, hyaline below. Conidia not seen.
  Collected from a tree-trunk in dense, primary forest in Christmas Is. Also known from the Caribbean region (southern U.S.A., West Indies and north-eastern South America), and coastal areas of Papua New Guinea.  
  McCarthy (2001i)  

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