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Checklist of the Lichens of Australia and its Island Territories
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Peltigera ulcerata Müll.Arg.

Flora 63: 261 (1880)

T: near Apiahy [Apiaí], São Paulo, Brazil, J.I.Puiggari 1023; holo?: G n.v.

  Thallus orbicular, small, 1–6 cm wide. Lobes crowded, concave, ±cochleate, 5–25 mm long, 2–5 (–10) mm wide; margins entire, sinuous or somewhat scalloped, ±ascending or revolute, slightly thickened below, occasionally lobulate or with apothecial initials, tinged brownish or brown-black. Upper surface glabrous, matt or glossy, commonly with a very fine reticulum of hair-like cracks (×10 lens), pale greyish green to olive-brown when wet, cinnamon-brown or yellowish, suffused brownish at the margins when dry, occasionally ±red-brown, sorediate. Soralia predominantly marginal and submarginal, less commonly laminal, initially rounded, eroding and becoming confluent-ulcerose, 1–2 (–5) mm wide; soredia coarsely granular, initially blue-grey, becoming red-brown, often completely eroding and exposing patches of pale medulla. Lower surface pale buff or whitish, ±uniformly buff-tomentose at the margins. Veins flat, broad, confluent and pale buff at margins, commonly indistinct and anastomosing, becoming dark brown and distinct towards the centre; interstices fibrous, white, oval to lenticular. Rhizines fasciculate, less commonly penicillate, solitary or in lines or ±clustered, mostly short and blunt, c. 1.0–1.5 mm long, pale buff at the margins, darkening to brown-black centrally. Apothecia not seen.
CHEMISTRY: Cortex and non-exposed medulla lacking lichen substances; soralia containing ±methyl gyrophorate (major), ±gyrophoric acid (minor or trace).
  Occurs in N.S.W., A.C.T., Vic. and Tas.; grows on and among mosses overgrowing granite rocks, in subalpine woodland and in dry-sclerophyll forest, at altitudes of 600–1300 m.Also known from Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, East Africa, China, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand.  
  Louwhoff (2009b)  

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