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Checklist of the Lichens of Australia and its Island Territories
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Physcidia australasica Kalb & Elix

Biblioth. Lichenol. 57: 281 (1995)

T: Dicks Tableland, c. 10 km SE of Eungella, c. 60 km W of Mackay, Qld, in rainforest with Toona australis, Stenocarpus sinuatus and Archontophoenix cunninghamiana, 29 Aug. 1992, K. & A.Kalb 26640; holo: CANB.

  Thallus foliose, orbicular to irregular, loosely attached, lobate, to 6 cm wide, on a white byssoid prothallus. Lobes 0.3–1.0 mm wide, anisotomically branched, plane to convex, often separate at the ±concave rounded and flabellate apices, contiguous in the centre or throughout. Upper surface greenish to green-grey or yellow-brown, isidiate. Isidia laminal, very sparse to abundant, cylindrical, constricted at the base, simple or branched, 0.2–3.0 mm tall, 0.1–0.2 mm wide. Upper cortex 25–50 μm thick; algal layer 25–50 μm thick; medulla 120–250 μm thick, colourless. Lower surface ecorticate, whitish at the lobe tips, pale brown towards the centre. Apothecia usually present, 0.5–1.5 mm wide, laminal, scattered, ±round in outline, constricted at the base; disc initially plane, then weakly convex, whitish, pale pink, pale brown or brown, when young always surrounded by ±crenulate thalline lobules that dissipate with age. Ascospores 1–3-septate, filiform, 23–37 × 1.8–2.0 μm. Pycnidia laminal, pale pink to brownish, c. 0.2 mm wide, wart-like to partly immersed, sometimes several becoming confluent. Conidia straight or slightly curved, 18–23 × 1.0–1.2 μm.
CHEMISTRY: Medulla K+ pale yellow, C+ red, KC+ red, P+ yellow; containing divaricatic acid (major), alectorialic acid (minor), nordivaricatic acid (trace)
  Occurs on the bark of trees in hinterland rainforest in north-eastern Qld; also in Papua New Guinea.  
  Elix (2009h)  

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