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Checklist of the Lichens of Australia and its Island Territories
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Triclinum cinchonarum Fée var. cinchonarum

Essai Crypt. Écorc. 148 (1825)

Psoroma cinchonarum (Fée) Müll.Arg., Flora 68: 516 (1885).

T: Peru, ad corticem truncorum et ramorum annosorum Cinchonae lancifoliae, J.C.Mutis; lecto: the illustration in A.L.A.Fée, Essai Crypt. Écorc. tab. 33, fig. 4 (1825), fide P.M.Jørgensen, Ilicifolia 4: 76 (2003).

Physcidia endococcinea Zahlbr., Denkschr. Kaiserl. Akad. Wiss. Wien, Math.-Naturwiss. Kl. 83: 159 (1909); Squamacidia janeirensis (Müll.Arg.) Brako var. endococcinea (Zahlbr.) Brako, Mycotaxon 35: 10 (1989).

T: Itapecirica, near Barra Mansa, São Paulo, Brazil, 9 June 1901, Schiffner; holo: W.

  Squamules 0.3–0.5 (–1.0) mm wide, elongate and incised, plane, contiguous or imbricate, adnate to ascending. Upper surface glabrous, pubescent along the margins. Prothallus white. Isidia cylindrical; soredia absent. Photobiont cells 10–15 μm diam. Apothecia common, 0.5–2.5 mm wide; margin raised, paler than the disc. Ascospores 24–40 × 2.0–2.5 μm. Pycnidia not seen in Australian specimens.
CHEMISTRY: Medulla straw-yellow to orange-yellow or scarlet. Cortex and medulla K+ pale yellow to yellow-brown, C–, P– or P+ orange-red; containing atranorin (major, minor or trace), lobaric acid (major), secalonic acid A (major), norlobaric acid (minor), furfuraceic acid (minor), unknown pigment (minor), ±fumarproto-cetraric acid (major).
  Known from north-eastern Qld; rare on the bark of trees in coastal and hinterland rainforest. Also in Central and South America.  
  Elix (2009h)  

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