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Being a particularly unique Series of Photo-Pictures of Wattles, or Australian Acacias, in full flower (with the introduction of a figure for idealistic purposes), and some scenes of Wattle Wilds, together with descriptive letterpress.




President Federal and South Australian Wattle Day Leagues.

THE author's courteous invitation to write a foreword for his latest publication regarding our beautiful and fragrant National Floral Emblem, I accept as equally an honour and a pleasure. The word "latest" is used designedly as a means of recalling to general remembrance the fact that Mr. Campbell was a pioneer in promoting the cult of the Wattle blossom, particularly in the State of Victoria. So long ago as the year 1899 he was the founder of a Wattle Club, and from that time onward every September he sent out invitations for a Wattle Day demonstration. In season and out of season, by every reasonable means, he encouraged the recognition of the golden bloom as a symbol of patriotism, among other virtues; and pen aided tongue in the happy propaganda. In connection with the annual celebration in 1908 Mr. Campbell delivered for the first time his splendid and now popular lecture, poetically entitled "Wattle Time; or Yellow-haired September," and in that address he advocated specifically the honouring of a Wattle Day throughout Australia. He had not long to wait for the realisation of his ambition in this respect; for the observance of the anniversary is already so widespread - not only in the Commonwealth, but in the Old Country also - as to have surpassed in its scope even his always sanguine anticipations. The summary of Mr. Campbell's achievements in this patriotic-country-love-campaign must include more than his work in study and on platform. His artistic skill is known from end to end of this continent; and this present example of it is only one among many others equally attractive. Further reference might justly be made to his scientific knowledge, so frequently displayed; but I remember that the gentleman whom I am introducing to a public who already know and like him well adds an engaging diffidence to his other distinguishing qualities. Therefore, I spare his blushes, and substitute for eulogy an expression of the great gratitude which is due to him from Australia's sons and daughters in general, and members of the Wattle Leagues in particular, for the patriotic and national inspiration which he has imparted.

August, 1920

from: 'Golden Wattle - Our National Floral Emblem' A.J. Campbell (1921)

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