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Wild Life magazine cover 1942

Cover of Wild Life magazine, Nov. 1942.

Crosbie Morrison portrait
Philip Crosbie Morrison, editor of Wild Life

Wild Life magazine

The Australian National Botanic Gardens has commemorated the naturalist Philip Crosbie Morrison (1900 - 1958) in the naming of its educational facility the Crosbie Morrison Building.

During the 1940's and 1950's Crosbie Morrison became Australia's best known naturalist. As a journalist with commercial radio and the Australian Broadcasting Commission, he made regular national nature study broadcasts to schools and other radio listeners for 20 years. He was also editor of Wild Life, a magazine which fostered interest in Australia's natural history and conservation, from 1938-54. The magazine survived the war years and the severe paper rationing that continued after the war, and the standard of B&W photography from its writers and its readers is quite amazing for the time.

From an historical perspective it is interesting to look at some botanical articles from this period

Botanical topics

  • PDF Kennedia prostrata genetics, a historical view from 1942, Wild Life, Nov. 1942 p. 409

Aboriginal plant use topics

  • PDF on Aboriginal Burial Trees by J.H. Benham, Wild Life, Nov. 1942 p.417

'Along the Track', the articles from the Editor


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