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Checklist of the Lichens of Australia and its Island Territories
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Fuscopannaria subimmixta (C.Knight) P.M.Jørg.
  New Zealand J. Bot. 37: 261 (1999)
Pannaria subimmixta C.Knight, Trans. & Proc. New Zealand Inst. 12: 369 (1880). T: Wellington, N.Z., C.Knight; lecto: BM, fide D.J.Galloway, Fl. New Zealand Lichens 335 (1985). *****P. holospoda Nyl., Lich. Nov. Zel. 49 (1888). T: Dunedin, Otago, N.Z., 6 Nov. 1861, W.L.Lindsay; lecto: H-NYL, fide D.J.Galloway loc. cit.
  Thallus minutely foliose-squamulose, orbicular to irregularly spreading and forming crusts to 8 cm wide, with a distinct blue-black cottony prothallus. Squamules 0.2–2 mm wide, convex, rosette-shaped, imbricate; margins crenate-incised, becoming lobulate and some­times rather isidia-like. Upper surface ±shining but strongly grey-pruinose at margins, olivaceous brown to greyish. Lower surface pale at margins, blue-black centrally. Cyano­biont Nostoc, in clusters. Apothecia frequent, to 2 mm wide; disc flat to convex, brown becoming darker, nearly black; thalline exciple prominent, crenate to lobulate, white-­pruinose. Ascospores subglobose to ellipsoidal, 14–18 × 9–13 µm, rather thick-walled with warted exosporium, appearing quadrangular in young asci. CHEMISTRY: occasionally with ursolic acid and a UV+ yellow pigment.
  A common widespread species growing on soils or soil-covered rocks in open vegetation in lowland eastern Australia to 900 m, from S.A., Qld, N.S.W., A.C.T., Vic. and Tas. Also in N.Z.  
  Jørgensen & Galloway (1992a)  

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