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Checklist of the Lichens of Australia and its Island Territories
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Leptogium cochleatum (Dickson) P.M.Jørg. & P.James
  Lichenologist, 15(2): 113 (1983)
Lichen cochleatus Dickson, Fasc. Pl. Crypt. Brit. 1: 13 (1785). T: 'England, Dickson' 1784; lecto: LINN (Smith collection), n.v., fide P.M.Jørgensen & P.W.James, loc. cit. ****Lichen tremelloides L.f., Suppl. Pl. 450 (1781), nom. illeg. non Lichen tremelloides Weis, Pl. Crypt., Flor. Gott.: 52 (1770). T: Cape of Good Hope, South Africa, coll. unknown; n.v.
  Thallus foliose, loosely adnate to subpulvinate, 2–5 cm wide, 90–150 µm thick, dark leaden grey. Lobes orbicular, flat to concave or undulate, 3–7 mm wide; margins entire ±undulate. Upper surface ±smooth, matt, ±striate (ex Australian specimens), isidia absent. Lower surface rarely striate, naked or with small rhizine tufts or holdfasts. Apothecia laminal, sessile, 1.5– wide; disc ±concave, ±dark red brown; thalline exciple ±periclinally wrinkled, pale cream. Ascospores 8 per ascus, ellipsoidal, muriform, 20–30 × 10–14 µm; apices acute to accuminate. Pycnidia submarginal. Conidia 3–5 µm long; apices ±swollen.
  Known in Australia only from a few collections in eastern and north-eastern N.S.W. Grows on bark.  
  Verdon (1992b)  

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