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Checklist of the Lichens of Australia and its Island Territories
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Menegazzia grandis P.James
  Fl. Australia 54: 313 (1992)
T: Gloucester Tops, Barrington Tops Natl Park, 13 km W of Maudville, N.S.W., 32°04'S, 150°36'E, 15 Apr. 1981, L.Tibell 12266; holo: MEL; iso: BM, UPS.
  Thallus loosely appressed, to 25 cm wide. Lobes convex-undulate, smooth, shining, pale grey or grey-green, ±laterally blackened, without blotches; central lobes short, inter­locking, occasionally overlapping; marginal lobes radiating, elongate, subdichotomously branched, contiguous, 3–5 mm wide. Cavity whitish above, black-grey below with pale indumentum. Perforations to 3 mm wide, rather few, gaping; margin depressed, rounded or oval. Lower surface shining, pleated and rumpled, black, brownish at margins. Soralia sparse, on oldest parts of thallus, arising from ±elevated vesicles or tears in upper cortex; vesicles rupturing at apex, flared and flanged, recurved, with fine, granular pale soredia. Apothecia and pycnidia unknown. CHEMISTRY: K+ yellow (atranorin); medulla K+ orange, P+ orange containing stictic, constictic, ±norstictic and cryptostictic acids and two pigments; menegazziaic acid absent.
  Endemic in N.S.W., growing on bark; partly overgrowing mosses on trunks, forming complete or incomplete ±regular plates or rosettes, colonies coalescing and then outline circular. A characteristic species on trunks of Nothofagus moorei in mixed montane beech-eucalypt forest.  
  James & Galloway (1992)  

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