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Checklist of the Lichens of Australia and its Island Territories
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Menegazzia kantvilasii P.James
  Fl. Australia 54: 313 (1992)
T: Mt Roland Track, above Claude Rd, Tas., 2 Apr. 1985, G.Kantvilas 140/85; holo: HO; iso: BM.
  Thallus closely appressed, to 10 cm or more wide. Lobes numerous, 1.5–3 mm wide, contiguous or partly discrete towards periphery, compacted and imbricate centrally, smooth, glossy, uneven, often with conspicuous faveolae especially towards margins, uniformly green-grey; inner lobes ±unorientated; lobes subdichotomously branched, often with a few toe-like laterals; lobe ends concolorous or faintly tinged brown. Cavity white or tinged purple-black. Perforations numerous, 0.3–0.8 mm wide, regularly distributed, laminal; margin elevated, conical, often partly proliferating to form conspicuous lacerate, hooded soralia. Laminal pustules to 1 mm wide, opening by 1–3 pore-like irregular lacerations, eventually forming hooded soralia like those from perforations. Soredia white to pale green. Apothecia and pycnidia not seen. CHEMISTRY: cortex K+ yellow (atranorin); medulla containing stictic, constictic, menegazziaic acids and accessory compounds, and two fatty acids (?caperatic acid group).
  Grows on bark in northern Tas., forming regular or ±irregular coalescing complete or partial rosettes in rainforest; also in Argentina.  
  James & Galloway (1992)  

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