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Checklist of the Lichens of Australia and its Island Territories
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Menegazzia norstictica P.James
  Fl. Australia 54: 313 (1992)
T: near summit, Mt Donna Buang, Vic., 26 Feb. 1963, P.W.James; holo: BM.
  Thallus appressed, to 5 cm wide. Lobes radiating, elongate, not markedly inflated, 1–3 mm wide, contiguous to periphery, irregularly dichotomously branched; secondary lobes often few, when numerous imbricate, unoriented at centre. Upper surface smooth, becoming rugose centrally, pale grey or grey, sometimes blackened laterally, rarely spreading onto upper surface and there forming blotches. Cavity mauve-whitish above, pale grey-black, tomentose below. Perforations frequent, gaping, rounded or oval, 0.5–1 mm wide, laminal; margins downturned. Apothecia scarce to frequent, mostly scattered, 1–4 mm wide, sessile or shortly pedicellate; disc concave, soon flat, minutely roughened, pale to medium red-brown; exciple weakly reticulate-uneven below, smooth or weakly crenulate. Ascospores 2 per ascus, 40–47 × 30–36 µm; wall 4 µm thick. Pycnidia scarce, on main lobes; ostiole black, immersed. Conidia 5–7 × 0.5 um. CHEMISTRY: cortex K+ yellow (atranorin); medulla K+ red (crystals), KC+ red (crystals), C‑, P+ orange containing stictic acid.
  Endemic in Vic. and Tas., on bark; occasional to common in lowland to montane wet sclerophyll forest.  
  James & Galloway (1992)  

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