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Checklist of the Lichens of Australia and its Island Territories
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Menegazzia subbullata P.James & Kantvilas
  Lichenologist 19: 25 (1987)
T: Lake Dobson, Mt Field Natl Park, Tas., 13 Aug. 1981, G.Kantvilas & P.James 645/81; holo: BM; iso: HO.
  Thallus appressed, sometimes lobe tips ascending, to 7 cm wide. Lobes numerous, spreading, mostly contiguous throughout, with ends sometimes discrete, sausage-like or finger-like, mainly inflated, 1.5 cm long, to 3 mm wide, with toe-like or extended laterals attenuated at base, sometimes fan-like at centre, imbricate or not, without blotches, smooth, finely rugose to markedly corrugate-ridged, sparingly sorediate, pale grey; margins and below blackened. Cavity jet black, glabrous or partly tomentose. Perforations numerous, more frequent on lateral lobes, less than 1.5 mm wide, level with surface or somewhat elevated, rounded or oval, often with a thin, black rim. Soralia scattered, sometimes arising from perforation rims, otherwise scattered or grouped on small abraded protuberances or at margins of eroded areas of upper surface, laminal, rarely apical. Apothecia rare, often 2–5 in groups, to 2.5 mm wide, shortly pedicellate or sessile, with a concave disc; exciple elevated, smooth to crenulate. Ascospores 2 per ascus, 50–62 × 35–40 µm; wall 4–4.5 µm thick. Pycnidia rare; ostiole black. Conidia 5–7 × 0.5 µm. CHEMISTRY: cortex K+ yellow (atranorin); medulla P+ orange, K+ orange, KC+ orange, C-, UV- (±norstictic, stictic, cryptostictic, constictic and menegazziaic acids, and accessory compounds + UV++ yellow substance, UV+++ vivid citrine after charring – ?lichexanthone).
  Occurs in Tas., on bark; frequently encircling twigs and small branches. A common species of canopy twigs in subalpine and alpine vegetation. Rare in rainforest. Also in Argentina.  
  James & Galloway (1992)  

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