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Checklist of the Lichens of Australia and its Island Territories
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Fuscidea asbolodes (Nyl.) Hertel & V.Wirth
  Beih. Nova Hedwigia 79: 454 (1984); Lecidea asbolodes Nyl., in J.M.Crombie, J. Bot. 14: 21 (1876). T: Royal Sound, Kerguelen Is., Feb. 1875, A.E.Eaton; holo: BM; iso: BM, E, H-NYL, UPS.  
  Thallus usually pale greyish or brownish grey, thin, at times rather indistinct, 100–200 µm thick, smooth to minutely rimose, esorediate; prothallus poorly developed, indistinct; photobiont cells subglobose to broadly ellipsoidal, 11–16 × 10–12 µm; medulla I–. Apothecia roundish or frequently somewhat deformed and ±angular, semi-immersed, mostly 0.3–0.6 mm wide and 140–200 µm thick; margin well developed, black, sometimes faintly white-pruinose on the inner rim; disc plane to concave, black or dark brown. Excipulum opaque black-brown throughout, 60–100 µm thick. Hypothecium hyaline to pale brown, inspersed with oil droplets. Hymenium 55–80 µm thick, hyaline, with a brownish epihymenial zone 10–12 µm thick, intensifying olive-brown in KOH. Paraphyses simple with occasional anastomoses, with apices typically capitate and brownish. Asci ±cylindrical to clavate, 42–58 × 12–19 µm. Ascospores simple, colourless, broadly ellipsoidal to almost globose, (7.5–) 9.0–12.0 (–13.0) × (4.5–) 6.0–9.0 µm. Pycnidia immersed. Conidia 2.0–4.5 × 1.4–2.0 µm. CHEMISTRY: Containing no substances detectable by TLC or HPLC.
  Occasional on siliceous rocks in Tas. Widespread on Subantarctic islands including Marion Is. and Prince Edward Is., Heard Is., Macquarie Is., Kerguelen Is., the Auckland Is., and also known from the South Island of New Zealand.  
  Kantvilas (2004e)  

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