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Checklist of the Lichens of Australia and its Island Territories
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Fuscidea australis var. montana Kantvilas
  Biblioth. Lichenol. 78: 179 (2001). T: c. 3 km NE of Derwent Bridge, Tas., 42°08’S, 146°15’E, 760 m, on Banksia marginata in Eucalyptus delegatensis open forest, 8 Mar. 2000, G.Kantvilas 163/00; holo: HO; iso: BG, BM.  
  Thallus with soralia punctiform to orbicular and 0.1–0.3 (–0.5) mm wide, yellowish or, less commonly, pale greenish, arising from slight somewhat paler bulges in the thallus which burst and ultimately may become rather excavate, scattered or crowded and continuous, never confluent. Apothecia uncommon, usually with aborted or sterile asci with very few ascospores. CHEMISTRY: Thallus K–, C–, KC–, Pd+ red, UV–; containing fumarprotocetraric acid. Despite the distinctly yellow colour of the soralia, no additional chemical compounds, such as xanthones, could be detected.
  Endemic to Tas. where it is confined to subalpine or alpine elevations, occurring on the twigs of various shrubs and low trees, e.g. Banksia, Orites, Richea and Nothofagus.  
  Kantvilas (2004e)  

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