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Checklist of the Lichens of Australia and its Island Territories
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Hueidea australiensis Kantvilas & P.M.McCarthy
  Lichenologist 35: 399 (2003). T: Rams Head Ra., Mount Kosciuszko Natl Park, N.S.W., 36°29.3’S, 148°16.8’E, 1980 m, on inundated granite, 14 Jan. 2002, P.M.McCarthy 1807; holo: CANB; iso: HO.  
  Thallus to c. 10 cm wide, dark chocolate-brown or grey to grey-black, 200–280 µm thick; photobiont cells ±globose, ellipsoidal or rhomboid, 6–15 × 6–12 µm; medulla I–. Apothecia scattered, roundish, 0.12–0.24 mm wide, 100–160 µm thick, at first markedly sunken but becoming ±level with the thallus or rarely slightly elevated; disc concave at first, soon becoming plane to undulate; margin poorly differentiated in section, dark brown to black, ±glossy, 10–15 (–20) µm thick, hyaline to pale brown within but usually opaque darker brown at the upper outer edge. Hypothecium pale yellow-brown or red-brown, K–, N+ yellowish brown, commonly with a darker red-brown K– and N+ orange-brown layer beneath, extending as a ‘foot’ into the thallus, 20–40 (–100) µm thick. Hymenium 50–70 µm thick, hyaline, I+ intense blue, with a pale olive-brown epithecial layer c. 10 µm thick, containing a continuous or ±patchy, dilute, aeruginose-green pigment, K–, N+ red. Paraphyses 1.5–2.5 µm thick; apices rounded and only slightly swollen, to c. 3 µm, sometimes pigmented faintly brownish. Asci 50–66 × 15–24 µm. Ascospores 10–18 × 6–10 µm; septum 2.5–5.0 (–6.0) µm thick; connecting channel very narrow and inconspicuous. Pycnidia very inconspicuous, resembling minute dark apothecial initials; ostiole minute, dark brown-rimmed. Conidia 6.0–8.5 × 1 µm. CHEMISTRY: No substances detected by TLC.
  Known from aquatic granite at elevations of 1390 m and 1980 m in the Snowy Mountains, south-eastern N.S.W.  
  Kantvilas & McCarthy (2004)  

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