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Checklist of the Lichens of Australia and its Island Territories
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Lecanora caesiorubella Ach.
  Lichenogr. Universalis 366 (1810). T: Habitat in cortice arborum Americae septentrionalis [North America], O.Swartz; syn: UPS-ACH 644. ****Lecanora glaucomodes Nyl., Flora 59: 509 (1876); Lecanora caesiorubella Ach. subsp. glaucomodes (Nyl.) Imshaug & Brodo, Nova Hedwigia 12: 15 (1966). T: Cuba, C.Wright, Lich. Cub. 60; holo: H-NYL 27145. ****Lecanora cancriformis Vain., Hedwigia 37: 38 (1898); Verrucaria pallida var. cancriformis Hoffm., Deutschl. Fl. 2: 171 (1796), nom. inval. T: America; iso: M. ****Lecanora leucoma Nyl., Flora 47: 268 (1864); Lecanora australiensis Zahlbr., Cat. Lich. Univ. 5: 393 (1928), nom. superfl. T: “Neuholland” [Australia], F.Hochstetter; lecto: M, fide H.T.Lumbsch, M.Plümper, R.Guderley & G.B.Feige, Symb. Bot. Upsal. 32(1): 142 (1997). *****Lecanora pulverata Stirt., Trans. Proc. Roy. Soc. Victoria 17: 70 (1881). T: Brisbane, Qld, F.M.Bailey 86; holo: BM.  
  Thallus thin to thick, rimose-areolate or continuous to verrucose-areolate, whitish grey to greyish green, epruinose. Soredia absent. Prothallus whitish grey or not visible. Apothecia sessile, 0.8–3.0 mm diam.; disc carneous to pinkish, heavily whitish grey-pruinose, plane to convex; margin prominent, thick, persistent, smooth, entire or flexuose, concolorous with the thallus. Cortex absent; pseudocortex inspersed with small crystals, 45–105 µm thick laterally and basally; alga-containing part of amphithecium with numerous small crystals, 25–75 µm thick. Parathecium with small crystals, c. 15 µm thick. Epihymenium granulose, grey-brown, 10–15 µm thick, with small crystals. Hymenium, subhymenium and hypothecium hyaline. Ascospores ellipsoidal to broadly ellipsoidal, 9.0–15.0 × 5.5–9.5 µm. CHEMISTRY: Thallus and apothecial margin K+ yellow or yellow → red, C–, Pd+ orange; containing atranorin (major), chloroatranorin (minor), ±norstictic acid (major), ±protocetraric acid (major), ±virensic acid (major), ±connorstictic acid (minor), ±conprotocetraric acid (minor), ±salazinic acid (minor) and ±stictic acid (minor).
  Occurs in all States and Territories except N.T.; in rainforest margins, mangroves and in open woodland; grows on a broad range of phorophytes including deciduous and evergreen trees and conifers. Also in New Zealand, Africa, North and South America and South and East Asia.  
  Lumbsch & Elix (2004)  

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