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Checklist of the Lichens of Australia and its Island Territories
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Steinia geophana (Nyl.) B.Stein
  in F.J.Cohn, Krypt.-Fl. Schlesien 2(2): 209 (1879); Lecidea geophana Nyl., Lich. Scand. 212 (1861). T: prope Raumo, Prov. Satakunta, Finland, May 1859, P.A.Karsten; holo: H-NYL 19472; iso: H-NYL, n.v.  
  Thallus very thin, effuse and inconspicuous, rather gelatinous and translucent when wet; photobiont cells ±globose, 10–14 µm diam. Apothecia matt, scattered, superficial, 0.15–0.50 mm diam., to c. 0.25 mm tall; disc uneven, plane or becoming strongly convex; margin not distinct. Excipulum very poorly developed, typically not evident in transverse section and reduced to a thin (c. 10 µm) layer of brown-pigmented hyphae. Hypothecium
40–50 µm thick, pale yellow-brown to hyaline, unchanged in KOH. Hymenium 60–90 µm thick, diffuse yellow-brown in the upper part, elsewhere hyaline, commonly with a ±discontinuous red-brown epithecial layerc. 10 µm thick and unchanged in KOH. Paraphyses 0.5–1.0 µm thick. Asci narrowly cylindrical, 60–80 × 10–18 µm. Ascospores ±globose, sometimes very broadly ellipsoidal, frequently deformed and angular in the ascus, 5–8 × 5–7 µm, typically with a large central vacuole; wall c. 0.5 µm thick. Conidia (not seen in Australian material) 1.0–1.5 × 0.5 µm.
  Widespread in cool-temperate areas of the Northern Hemisphere; recorded from a single locality in Tas. (several specimens), but very likely to have been overlooked elsewhere. This species has been recorded from moist, consolidated, clay soils in recently logged, regenerating, wet-eucalypt forest where it is one of the earliest colonising species. One specimen is from rotting Melaleuca bark in unlogged forest.  
  Kantvilas (2004a)  

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