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Checklist of the Lichens of Australia and its Island Territories
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Sticta stipitata C.Knight ex F.Wilson
  Proc. Roy. Soc. Queensland 7: 10 (1891). T: Mt Macedon, Vic., F.R.M.Wilson; lecto: G 002326, fide D.J.Galloway, Tropical Bryol. 15: 149 (1998). ***** Sticta shirleyana Müll.Arg., Hedwigia 32: 122 (1893). T: Qld, 1891, J.Shirley; holo: G 002063.  
  Thallus irregularly spreading, ±palmate, 2–6 (–12) cm wide, often confluent from a rooted holdfast. Lobes proliferating directly from holdfast or from a short thick stalk (to 5 mm wide and tall), very irregular, laciniate, strongly dissected, 1–6 cm long, 5–10 (–15) mm wide; sinuses prominent, rounded or acute; margins entire, sinuous, ±ascending and inrolled near apices, variously notched, incised or lobulate, occasionally with small projecting tomental hairs, thickened-ridged below. Upper surface pale grey-green or olivaceous or buff when dry, bright green to deep olive-green when wet, undulate, occasionally shallowly wrinkled, pitted or dimpled; without maculae, isidia, phyllidia or soredia. Photobiont green. Lower surface pale whitish to tan or brownish at margins, darkening centrally, tomentose from margins to centre. Cyphellae scattered, round to irregular, 0.2–2 mm diam., deeply urceolate; pit membrane white. Apothecia frequent, marginal and laminal, most common at apices, sessile, 0.5–3 (–4) mm diam.; disc pale orange-brown to dark red-brown; exciple pale whitish buff, minutely scabrid. Ascospores fusiform, 1–3-septate, (25–) 30.5–36 (–44.5) × 7–8.5 (–11) µm, colourless.
  An endemic species in eastern Qld, south-eastern N.S.W., southern Vic. and Tas. at altitudes of 170–1540 m; especially common in Tas. where it occurs in moist, shaded habitats, typically among bryophytes at the base of trees or on logs and rocks.  
  Galloway (2001b)  

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