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Checklist of the Lichens of Australia and its Island Territories
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Sticta sublimbata (J.Steiner) Swinscow & Krog
  in D.J.Galloway, New Zealand J. Bot. 21: 198 (1983); Stictina weigelii var. sublimbata J.Steiner, Bull. Herb. Boissier, sér. 2, 7: 642 (1907); Sticta weigelii var. sublimbata (J.Steiner) Zahlbr., Cat. Lich. Univ. 3: 406 (1925). T: Sanatorium 'Mamotsuiri', Cape Province, South Africa, H.A.Junod 983; holo: W.  
  Thallus orbicular to irregularly spreading, loosely attached centrally, 2–5 (–12) cm wide. Lobes variable, broadly rounded to laciniate, (0.2–) 0.5–1 (–2) cm wide, rather ragged, crowded and congested, ±imbricate or folded centrally, ±inrolled or ascending and appearing subcanaliculate in parts; apices discrete; margins sinuous, irregularly notched or torn, usually densely isidiate-sorediate. Upper surface pale fawn-grey to grey-brown when dry, dark olivaceous brownish to blue-brown suffused reddish when wet, undulate, shallowly wrinkled or pitted, often smooth, matt to glossy, isidiate, maculate, sorediate. Isidia minute, granular-coralloid, dark grey-brown, soon eroding and becoming sorediate. Maculae minute, white to red-brown, delicately reticulate. Soredia granular, greyish to livid grey-brown, soon developing from breakdown of isidia in linear to irregular conspicuous marginal soralia, rarely in scattered laminal patches near apices. Photobiont Nostoc. Lower surface conspicuously eroded, dark brown to black, densely felted-tomentose. Cyphellae sparse to common, scattered, deeply sunk in tomentum, round to irregular, 0.5–2.5 mm diam.; margins prominent; pit membrane brilliant white. Apothecia not seen.
  A rather rare species in Tas.; occurs in sheltered humid habitats on understorey shrubs and trees in open rainforest among mosses and other lichens at 300–1120 m. Also in southern and East Africa, New Zealand and southern South America.  
  Galloway (2001b)  

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