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Checklist of the Lichens of Australia and its Island Territories
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Eremothecella calamicola Syd.

in H.Sydow & P.Sydow, Ann. Mycol. 15: 236 (1917)

Arthonia calamicola (Syd.) R.Sant., Symb. Bot. Upsal. 12(1): 88 (1952)

T: Philippines, Baker 3367; holo: S n.v.

  Thallus rounded or irregular, to 3.5 cm wide, dispersed or continuous, smooth, dark greenish grey to green. Prothallus indistinct. Photobiont cells rectangular or ±irregular, forming ±continuous plates, 8–12 × 3–6 μm. Apothecia adnate, rounded or somewhat irregular, 0.3–1.6 mm wide, plane; disc dark brown to blackish, epruinose; asci often slightly prominent and resembling minute warts on the surface. Epihymenium 5–7 μm thick, pale to dark brown. Hymenium 22–40 μm thick, pale brown. Paraphyses branched and anastomosing, well developed between asci, c. 1.5 μm thick. Asci subglobose to globose, 8-spored, 30–50 × 25–45 μm, usually with a short distinct stalk. Ascospores ±clavate, 4–7-septate, distinctly macrocephalic, with or without slight constrictions at the septa, 32–44 × 7–10 μm. Pycnidia common, applanate, rounded to slightly irregular, 0.2–0.4 mm wide, black. Conidia filiform, 40–80-septate, 80–200 × c. 1.5 μm.
CHEMISTRY: Thallus K–, C–, KC–, P–, UV–; no lichen substances detected.
  Known from leaves in montane rainforest in north-eastern Qld; also in the Philippines and Papua New Guinea.  
  Elix (2009c)  

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