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Checklist of the Lichens of Australia and its Island Territories
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Lepraria usnica Sipman

Biblioth. Lichenol. 86: 179 (2003)

T: Sembawan Park, Singapore, 01°28’N, 103°51’E, on trunk of Cassia fistula in grassland with scattered trees and shrubs, 25 Nov. 2000, H.Sipman & B.C.Tan 46399; holo: B; iso: SINU n.v.

  Thallus crustose, leprose, bright or pale yellow-green to greenish grey, often forming irregular rosettes that can coalesce, eventually to 10 cm wide, delimited, forming a thin to moderately thick (0.2–0.5 mm) continuous crust of powdery granules. Thallus margin often minutely lobate; lobes 0.1–0.2 mm wide, somewhat irregular, with a ±plane or raised rim. Soredia coarse, 70–100 μm wide, soon coalescing to form consoredia or aggregated granules
100–250 μm wide; projecting hyphae absent. Medulla pale yellow, patchy. Hyphae 2.5–3.5 μm thick, often encrusted with numerous granular crystals. Photobiont cells ±spherical, 7–11 μm diam. Hypothallus not apparent.
CHEMISTRY: Thallus K–, C–, KC–, P–, UV–; occurs in three chemotypes, all containing usnic acid (major), zeorin (major), contortin (minor), placodiolic acid (trace), ±isousnic acid (minor or trace), ±atranorin (trace): chemotype 1 (including the type specimens) containing additional hopane-16β,22-diol (major or minor); chemotype 2 containing additional roccellic acid (minor or trace); chemotype 3 containing additional atranorin (minor), chloroatranorin (minor).
  Occurs on shaded rock surfaces and the base of trees in tropical W.A., N.T. and Qld. Also in Colombia, El Salvador, Panama, Namibia, South Africa, the Seychelles, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Singapore.  
  Elix (2009i)  

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