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Checklist of the Lichens of Australia and its Island Territories
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Melanophloea pacifica P.James & Vězda

Lichenologist 5: 89 (1971)

T: Kolombangara R., 2–4 miles [3.2–6.4 km] upstream, Kolombangara, Solomon Islands, 29 Aug. 1965, D.J.Hill 10376; holo: BM n.v.; iso: UPS, Herb. Vězda n.v.

  Thallus a diffuse to continuous dull off-white to pale greenish grey granulose crust; granules irregular or elliptical, subglobose or globose, 50–120 (–150) µm diam. Ascomata sessile, scattered, subglobose to ellipsoidal, greyish black to black, 0.25–0.40 (–0.50) mm wide, 0.2–0.6 mm tall; apex slightly to markedly concave, concolorous to reddish brown; ostiole conspicuous, 20–40 µm diam. Ascomatal wall 40–70 µm thick, usually thickest towards the apex, brownish black to black, composed of short variously aligned hyphae. Exciple hyaline to pale yellowish brown, 20–35 µm thick. Hymenium 0.15–0.30 mm wide, 0.16–0.33 mm tall, K/I+ blue. Paraphyses numerous, richly branched, frequently anastomosing, 0.7–1.0 µm thick. Asci elongate-fusiform, narrowly clavate or ±cylindrical, containing > 500 ascospores, 160–350 × 15–30 µm, K/I+ blue. Ascospores ±globose, 2–3 µm diam.
  Grows on bark of lowland rainforest trees in north-eastern Qld; also in the Solomon Islands.  
  McCarthy & Kantvilas (2009)  

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