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Checklist of the Lichens of Australia and its Island Territories
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Tephromela cerasina (Müll.Arg.) Rambold & Triebel

Biblioth. Lichenol. 48: 170 (1992)

Nesolechia cerasina Müll.Arg., Bull. Soc. Roy. Bot. Belgique 30: 72 (1891).

T: San José, Costa Rica [on Dirinaria picta], 1890, H.Pittier, Pl. Costaric. Exs. 5263; holo: G.

  Thallus lichenicolous; independent thallus lacking or taking over part of the host lichen (Dirinaria spp.). Apothecia scattered, crowded or confluent, sessile, not constricted at the base, 0.2–0.7 mm wide; disc plane or convex, round, glossy black, epruinose; thalline exciple absent; proper exciple violet to orange-brown peripherally, orange to violet-brown internally, 25–80 µm thick. Epihymenium violet to violet-black. Hymenium pale violet to violet, 40–60 µm thick. Hypothecium orange to orange-brown, 90–110 µm thick. Ascospores simple, ellipsoidal to subglobose, 6.5–10.0 × 4–7 µm. Pycnidia not seen.
CHEMISTRY: Thallus and apothecia K–, C–, KC–, P–, UV–; no lichen substances detected.
  Known from southern N.S.W. where it was found growing over Dirinaria applanata (Physciaceae). Also in North, Central and South America and Africa.  
  Elix (2009j)  

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