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Checklist of the Lichens of Australia and its Island Territories
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Umbilicaria nylanderiana (Zahlbr.) H.Magn.

Lich. Sel. Scand. Exs. [252] (1937)

Gyrophora nylanderiana A.Zahlbr., Cat. Lich. Univ. 4: 720 (1927).

T: U.S.A.; holo: n.v.

[Umbilicaria hyperborea auct. non (Ach.) Hoffm.: A.J.Blackman, G.C.Bratt & J.A.Cashin, Lichenologist 6: 113 (1974)]

[Umbilicaria proboscidea auct. non (L.) Schrad.: G.A.Llano, Monogr. Lich. Fam. Umbilicariaceae 162 (1950)]

  Thallus 3–5 (–15) cm wide, mainly monophyllous, thin, crisp, fragile, brittle when dry; margins irregularly incised, becoming ragged, torn and often fenestrate. Upper surface unevenly ridged, folded, puckered, warty to verruculose, dull greyish brown to brown-black, commonly white-pruinose centrally, with an irregular pattern of radiating ±sharp-edged ridges around the central umbo. Isidia and soredia absent. Lower surface dull pale brown to grey-brown, mainly smooth, uniformly or patchily covered with black sooty thalloconidia; rhizinomorphs absent. Thalloconidia single-celled, brown, ±globose, 5.0–8.5 (–10) µm wide. Apothecia frequent, 0.5–1.2 mm diam., sessile to substipitate; disc gyrose, plane to convex, black. Ascospores simple, ellipsoidal to oblong-ellipsoidal, 9–14 (–16) × 5–8 µm, hyaline. Pycnidia marginal and laminal, visible as minute glossy black dots. Conidia fusiform (2.5–) 3–4 × 0.8–1.3 µm.
CHEMISTRY: Medulla K–, C+ red, KC+ red, P–; containing gyrophoric acid (major), umbilicaric acid (minor or trace), lecanoric acid (minor or trace).
  Occurs on subalpine and alpine rocks in N.S.W., A.C.T., Vic. and Tas.. Common on mountains and boreal regions of the Northern Hemisphere; also in New Zealand, South America and Antarctica.  
  Louwhoff (2009c)  

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