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Checklist of the Lichens of Australia and its Island Territories
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Umbilicaria polyphylla (L.) Baumg.

Fl. Lips. 571 (1790)

Lichen polyphyllus L., Sp. Pl. 2: 1150 (1753).

T: the illustration in Dillenius, Hist. Musc. tab. 30, fig. 129 (1768); lecto: LINN 1273: 208 n.v., fide J.Wei & Y.Jiang, Mycosyst. Monogr. 1: 156 (1993).

  Thallus 2–6 cm wide, usually polyphyllous, thin, crisp, irregular in shape; lobes rounded and overlapping or rather elongate and strap-like, ragged, richly divided and tangled, occasionally lobulate; umbo not prominent; margins ascending or deflexed, occasionally fenestrate, frequently sinuous-incised, becoming irregularly lacerate or developing complex-branched laciniae. Upper surface smooth to weakly puckered, dull to glossy, olive-brown to dark brown or blackish. Isidia and soredia absent. Lower surface brown-black or black, smooth, ±bullate, ±evenly covered with a fine layer of black soot-like thalloconidia; umbilicus small, rarely divided; rhizinomorphs absent. Thalloconidia single-celled and (5–) 7.5 (–12) µm, or in irregular clusters 10.0–22.5 (–25.0) µm wide. Apothecia rare, scattered, mostly peripheral, sessile, irregular; disc black, convex, with few thin gyrae. Ascospores not seen in Australian material; Hestmark (2004) reported them to be simple, hyaline, 10–15 × 6–8 µm. Pycnidia uncommon, immersed, visible as minute black dots on the upper surface. Conidia bacilliform, 3–5 × 0.6 µm.
CHEMISTRY: Medulla K–, C+ red, KC+ red, P–; containing umbilicaric acid (major), gyrophoric acid (major or minor), lecanoric acid (minor or trace), 2-O-methylhiascic acid (trace).
  Occurs in W.A., N.S.W., A.C.T., Vic. and Tas.; grows on exposed and sheltered sandstone and quartzite rocks in dry-sclerophyll forest with large granite boulders, or in more open vegetation on moderate slopes or along ridges. Also in North America, Europe and New Zealand.  
  Louwhoff (2009c)  

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