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5th International Flora Malesiana Symposium

9-14 September 2001, SYDNEY, Australia

Pteridophyte Mini-symposium
a symposium and workshop on the ferns and fern allies of the Malesian region

So many ferns... so little time...

Organizing Committee:

Josephine Camus(j.camus@nhm.ac.uk)
Barbara Parris (bsparris@voyager.co.nz)
Australian Coordinator: Jim Croft (jrc@anbg.gov.au)

General symposium information: http://plantnet.rbgsyd.gov.au/fm/fm.html
General symposium enquiries: fmv@rbgsyd.gov.au

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Conference and Symposium: Royal Botanic Gardens, SYDNEY, Australia
Associated workshops: Tropical Forest Research Centre, ATHERTON, North Queensland, Australia
Preconference tour: starting CAIRNS, North Queensland, Australia

Map of Sydney Central Business Disrict
Map of Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney


A symposium on Malesian ferns and fern allies is being run as part of the 5th International Flora Malesiana Symposium in Sydney, 9 - 14 September 2001.

Summary reports of previous Flora Malesiana pteridophyte workshops are available:

The pteridophyte sessions of the fifth symposium will focus on the taxonomy, floristics, systematics, biogeography and ecology of the ferns and fern allies of Equatorial E Asia and W Pacific regions that constitute Malesia. Presentations will be in the form of presented papers, poster displays and a workshop on the production of future treatments of Flora Malesiana series 2 - Pteridophytes.

There has been sufficient interest to support a pteridophyte symposium of a least a full day as part of the main symposium program. c. 30 people with known interests in ferns of the Flora Malesiana region have indicated that they will be attending this symposium. Of these, c. 16 have tentatively indicated that they are prepared to give papers or conduct workshops; approximately 20 presentaions can be expected during the symposium.


Josephine Camus (series co-ordinator) and Barbara Parris have been volunteered as part of the ad hoc organizing committee for the Fern Symposium. Jim Croft will provide Australian contact and on-site liaison.

The Fern Symposium will be programmed and run to fit in with and be a part of the main Flora Malesiana Symposium.

A Pteridophyte Symposium dinner, in addition to the main symposium dinner is being planned.

Some participants have asked about programs for accompanying significant others. Nothing specific has been planned at this stage, but the Symposium organizing committe will be considering this issue.

Presentations and Activities

The following tentative program is based on preliminary indications from the people concerned. Understandably attendance and titles are not final yet, and other committments and funding problems may prevent some people from attending. Nevertheless we will attempt to keep this web version of the program as up to date as possible. Any changes to the program and the attendee list will be made on this web version first before being printed and distributed by other means. Bookmark this site for future reference.

Surname Firstname Country Email Activity   Taxon Topic Additional information
Amoroso Victor Philippines paper
?   Updates on Philippine fens allies with & L.V. Rufila
Attendance to be confirmed
Amoroso Victor Philippines paper
? Lycopodium Species richness, assesment and distribution of Lycopodium in the Philippines with P.M. Zamora & L.V. Rufila
Attendance to be confirmed
Barcelona Julie Philippines paper &
?   Philippines fern flora. Attendance to be confirmed
Barcelona Julie Philippines paper
? Odontosoria Systematics of the fern genus Odontosoria sensu lato (Lindsaeaceae) With R.J.Hickey
Attendance to be confirmed
Barcelona Julie Philippines poster
?   The distribution of threatened endemic pteridophytes in the Philippines
With Tom Hollowel
Attendance to be confirmed
Beukema Hendrien Netherlands paper
ok   Biodiversity conservation in rubber agroforests? with M. van Noordwijk
Brownsey Patrick New Zealand paper
ok   New Zealand's pteridophyte flora - plants of ancient lineage but recent arrival?  
Camus Josephine United Kingdom workshop ok   How to finish off the fern accounts for Flora Malesiana. Key workshop of the symposium that will set the framework for much of the activity and discussion of this symposium [notes]
Camus Josephine United Kingdom paper
ok   Pteridophyte flora of Sulawesi, Indonesia.  
Camus Josephine United Kingdom workshop
ok   Malesian Selaginella: vices and virtues.  
Chambers Carrick Australia paper ok Blechnaceae The Blechnace treatment for Flora Malesiana series 2 - a case study
Cranfill Raymond USA paper
ok Blechnaceae A molecular phylogeny of Blechnaceae inferred from three plastid gene sequences

With Y. Nakahira & M. Kato.
Cranfill Raymond USA paper withdrawn Polypodiaceae Large scale molecular and morphological phylogenetic study of the Polypodiales Attendance to be confirmed
Croft Jim Australia paper & poster
ok   On-line Flora of Australia pteridophytes: an information model for an electronic Flora Malesiana series 2.  
Farida Yusuf Singapore poster
ok   A comparison of pteridophytic diversity of various forests in Malaysia using quadrat sampling method With Benito Tan
Given David New Zealand paper ok   Wallace, Holttum and beyond - the imperative for conserving of pteridophytes of the Flora Malesiana region. [ co-author: Clive Jermy]
Iwatsuki Kunio Japan paper withdrawn Hymenophyllaceae Hymenophyllaceae - Systematics and Revision for Flora Malesiana [ in collaboration with Atsushi Ebihara and Motomi Ito ]
Johns Bob United Kingdom paper
ok Cyathea Observations based on field studies of Cyathea (Cyatheaceae) from Mt Jaya, New Guinea  
Johns Bob United Kingdon paper
ok Asplenium Asplenium section Thamnopteris (Aspleniaceae) - new information leading to a better taxonomy of the section  
Jones David Australia paper ok   An overview of the Australian Fern flora.
Kato Masahiro Japan paper
ok Blechnaceae A molecular phylogeny of Blechnaceae inferred from three plastid gene sequences with R. Cranfill, & Y. Nakahira
Lindsay Stuart United States paper
ok Vittariaceae Old World Vittariaceae with special reference to those of the Flora Malesiana area.  
Murakami Noriaki Japan paper
ok Asplenium Recognition of biological species in Asplenium nidus complex using molecular data and crossing experiments
Parris Barbara New Zealand paper
ok Grammitidaceae Biogeography of Grammitidaceae inside and outside Malesia.  
Perrie Leon New Zealand paper
ok Polystichum

Investigating species boundaries : morphology and molecules.

Praptosuwiryo T.N. Indonesia paper
ok Diplazium The fern genus Diplazium in Indonesia with Dedy Darnaedi
Rambe Siti Khadijah Indonesia paper
ok Aspleniaceae Distribution of ferns in Malesia: the Aspleniaceae as a study case.  
Rambe Siti Khadijah Indonesia paper
? Aspleniaceae Important biological characters used for the taxonomic study of Aspleniaceae  
Rusea Go Malaysia paper
ok Lycopodiaceae Towards the revision of Malaysian Lycopodiaceae
Tsai Jinn-Lai Taiwan paper ok   The distributional patterns of Malesian pteridophytes
Yatabe Yoko Japan paper
ok Osmundaceae Phylogeny of Osmundaceae inferred from rbcL nucleotide sequences and comparison to the fossil evidences With Harufumi Nishida, Noriaki Murakami & Kunio Iwatsuki
Zink Michael Germany paper withdrawn Pteris The genus Pteris (Pteridophyta: Pteridaceae) in the Flora Malesiana area.  

The Pteridophyte Workshop

The symposium Pteridophyte Workshop will be run by Josephine Camus and is seen as the essential and major focus for the Sydney meeting. It will concentrate on strategies to complete the remaining families for Flora Malesiana Series 2, Pteridophytes.

Field Trips

Pre- and mid-conference field trips and excursions are being organized.

Organizers and Sponsors

The 5th International Flora Malesiana Symposium is being organized by the Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney and the Centre for Plant Plant Biodiversity Research and Australian National Herbarium, Canberra, on behalf of the Flora Malesiana Foundation, Leiden.

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