Census of Australian Marine Diatoms

Chaetoceros cf. dichaeta. Photo: L.Armand.

Chaetoceros cf. dichaeta
Photo: L. Armand

Thalassiosira poroseriata. Photo: L.Armand.

Thalassiosira poroseriata
Photo: L. Armand

Corethron pennatum. Photo: L.Armand.

Corethron pennatum
Photo: L. Armand


Diatoms are mostly unicellular, golden brown, green or dark brown algae 2 to 200 microns in size (occasionally several millimetres long), their cell walls composed of silica with an organic coating. Found in all aquatic environments, they can be planktonic, or they can attach to substrata such as rock, sand, mud, plants and animals. At sea, diatoms contribute enormously to the microbial component of a food web that supports most other marine organisms. They also play a role in influencing climate through the exchange of carbon dioxide with the atmosphere (Scott & Marchant, 2005).

An inventory of Australian non-marine diatoms has been provided by Day et al. (1995). The current list includes 938 species and infraspecific taxa known from inshore and offshore waters around Australia and/or from estuarine and other brackish-water habitats.

Click on the links (below) to view species fact-sheets. These contain original publication details, basionyms, other synonyms relevant to Australia, broad type localities, Australian and global distributions, and literature references for Australian records. The fact-sheets have been compiled mainly from comparatively recent sources, including overviews of the diatoms of temperate Australian waters (Jameson & Hallegraeff, 2010; Saunders et al., 2010), eastern Australia (Foged, 1978), the Swan River estuary in Western Australia (John, 1983), a series of substantial papers by E.J.F. Wood and L.H. Crosby (1958–61), and the results of other taxonomic and floristic research.

For publication details, typification and extra-Australian distribution, I have relied heavily on three monumental resources, Catalogue of Diatom Names  , Index Nominum Algarum   and AlgaeBase  , as well as numerous papers, reports and abstracts.

While this aims to be a reasonably comprehensive preliminary list, accepted names, their systematic placement and synonymy and the geographical distribution of taxa are based solely on the literature and the taxonomic judgements therein.

Notification of errors, omissions and updates will be gratefully received and acknowledged.

Cite as: McCarthy, P.M. (2013), Census of Australian Marine Diatoms. Australian Biological Resources Study, Canberra. http://www.anbg.gov.au/abrs/Marine_Diatoms/index.html [version 23 April 2013].

Patrick M. McCarthy
Australian Biological Resources Study, Canberra
23 April 2013
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Thalassiosira poroseriata. Photo: L.Armand.

Thalassiosira poroseriata
Photo: L. Armand


I thank Brigitte Kuchlmayr for website design, Christy Geromboux for technical assistance, Catherine Jordan for library support, Leanne Armand for illustrations and literature, Fiona Scott for advice and Tony Rees for updates.


A.C.T. – Australian Capital Territory; N.S.W. – New South Wales; N.T. – Northern Territory; Qld – Queensland; S.A. – South Australia; Tas. – Tasmania; Vic. – Victoria; W.A. – Western Australia


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Asteromphalus parvulus. Photo: L.Armand.

Asteromphalus parvulus
Photo: L. Armand




Asterolampra marylandica

Asteromphalus arachne

Asteromphalus flabellatus

Asteromphalus heptactis

Asteromphalus hookeri

Asteromphalus sarcophagus



Aulacoseira distans

Aulacoseira granulata var. granulata

Aulacoseira granulata var. angustissima



Corethron pennatum



Aulacodiscus angulatus

Aulacodiscus beeveriae

Aulacodiscus carruthersianus

Aulacodiscus kittonii

Aulacodiscus margaritaceus

Aulacodiscus petersii


Coscinodiscus alboranii

Coscinodiscus arafurensis

Coscinodiscus argus

Coscinodiscus asteromphalus

Coscinodiscus centralis var. centralis

Coscinodiscus centralis var. pacifica

Coscinodiscus concavus

Coscinodiscus concinniformis

Coscinodiscus concinnus var. concinnus

Coscinodiscus concinnus var. arafurensis

Coscinodiscus concinnus var. jonesiana

Coscinodiscus cruciatus

Coscinodiscus debilis

Coscinodiscus devius

Coscinodiscus gigas

Coscinodiscus granii

Coscinodiscus janischii var. janischii

Coscinodiscus janischii var. arafurensis

Coscinodiscus marginatus

Coscinodiscus oculus-iridis

Coscinodiscus perforatus

Coscinodiscus radiatus

Coscinodiscus reniformis

Coscinodiscus rothii

Coscinodiscus subtilissimus

Coscinodiscus wailesii

Cosmiodiscus elegans

Cymatodiscus planetophorus

Palmeria hardmaniana

Palmeria ostenfeldii

Stellarima stellaris

Stictodiscus argus


Gossleriella punctata

Gossleriella tropica


Actinoptychus adriaticus

Actinoptychus senarius

Actinoptychus splendens

Actinoptychus aff. triligulatus

Actinoptychus vulgaris


Actinocyclus kuetzingii

Actinocyclus normanii

Actinocyclus octonarius

Actinocyclus octonarius var. ralfsii

Actinocyclus subtilis

Azpeitia nodulifera

Azpeitia tabularis

Hemidiscus cuneiformis

Pseudoguinardia recta

Roperia tesselata



Ethmodiscus gazellae

Ethmodiscus rex



Leptocylindrus danicus

Leptocylindrus mediterraneus



Hyalodiscus laevis

Hyalodiscus lentiginosus

Hyalodiscus pustulatus

Hyalodiscus scoticus

Hyalodiscus subtilis

Podosira stelligera


Melosira juergensii

Melosira lineata

Melosira moniliformis

Melosira nummuloides

Melosira octogona

Melosira varians

Paralia sulcata


Stephanopyxis palmeriana

Stephanopyxis turris



Dactyliosolen blavyanus

Dactyliosolen fragilissimus

Dactyliosolen phuketensis

Guinardia cylindrus

Guinardia delicatula

Guinardia flaccida

Guinardia striata

Neocalyptrella robusta

Proboscia alata

Proboscia indica

Pseudosolenia calcaravis

Rhizosolenia acuminata

Rhizosolenia amaralis

Rhizosolenia bergonii

Rhizosolenia castracanei

Rhizosolenia clevei

Rhizosolenia fragilissima

Rhizosolenia hebetata f. hebetata

Rhizosolenia hebetata f. semispina

Rhizosolenia hyalina

Rhizosolenia imbricata

Rhizosolenia setigera

Rhizosolenia styliformis




Anaulus australis

Anaulus minutus

Eunotogramma marinum



Biddulphia alternans

Biddulphia antediluviana

Biddulphia biddulphiana

Biddulphia cylindrata

Biddulphia macdonaldii

Biddulphia mobiliensis

Biddulphia sansibarica

Biddulphia thumii

Biddulphia tuomeyi

Isthmia enervis

Isthmia nervosa

Neohuttonia reichardtii

Terpsinoe americana

Trigonium dobreeanum

Trigonium pardus



Attheya septentrionalis


Bacteriastrum comosum

Bacteriastrum delicatulum

Bacteriastrum furcatum

Bacteriastrum hyalinum

Chaetoceros affinis

Chaetoceros anastomosans

Chaetoceros atlanticus var. atlanticus

Chaetoceros atlanticus var. neapolitanus

Chaetoceros cinctus

Chaetoceros coarctatus

Chaetoceros compressus

Chaetoceros cf. compressus var. hirtisetus

Chaetoceros concavicornis

Chaetoceros convolutus

Chaetoceros cf. coronatus

Chaetoceros costatus

Chaetoceros criophilus

Chaetoceros curvisetus

Chaetoceros danicus

Chaetoceros debilis

Chaetoceros decipiens

Chaetoceros densus

Chaetoceros denticulatus

Chaetoceros diadema

Chaetoceros dichaeta

Chaetoceros didymus

Chaetoceros diversus

Chaetoceros eibenii

Chaetoceros laciniosus

Chaetoceros laevis

Chaetoceros lauderi

Chaetoceros lorenzianus

Chaetoceros messanensis

Chaetoceros mitra

Chaetoceros paradoxus

Chaetoceros pendulus

Chaetoceros peruvianus

Chaetoceros pseudocrinitus

Chaetoceros pseudocurvisetus

Chaetoceros radicans

Chaetoceros rostratus

Chaetoceros similis

Chaetoceros socialis

Chaetoceros subtilis

Chaetoceros teres

Chaetoceros vanheurckii



Cymatosira lorenziana

Extubocellulus spinifera

Minutocellus polymorphus

Omphalopsis australis



Bellerochea horologicalis var. horologicalis

Bellerochea horologicalis var. recta

Bellerochea malleus var. biangulata

Neostreptotheca subindica

Neostreptotheca torta f. torta

Neostreptotheca torta f. triangularis

Streptotheca indica

Streptotheca thamesis


Cerataulina chapmanii

Cerataulina daemon

Cerataulina pelagica

Climacodium biconcavum

Climacodium frauenfeldianum

Eucampia cornuta

Eucampia zodiacus

Hemiaulus hauckii

Hemiaulus indicus

Hemiaulus membranaceus

Hemiaulus sinensis




Ditylum brightwellii

Ditylum buchananii

Ditylum pernodii

Ditylum sol

Lithodesmioides minutum

Lithodesmioides polymorphum

Lithodesmium duckerae

Lithodesmium undulatum



Lauderia annulata

Minidiscus trioculatus

Planktoniella blanda

Planktoniella florea

Planktoniella sol

Shionodiscus oestrupii var. oestrupii

Shionodiscus oestrupii var. venrickae


Conticribra weissflogii

Thalassiosira aestivalis

Thalassiosira allenii

Thalassiosira angulata

Thalassiosira australiensis

Thalassiosira baltica

Thalassiosira condensata

Thalassiosira curviseriata

Thalassiosira delicatula

Thalassiosira diporocyclus

Thalassiosira eccentrica

Thalassiosira gessneri

Thalassiosira gravida

Thalassiosira hyalina

Thalassiosira lacustris

Thalassiosira lentiginosa

Thalassiosira leptopus

Thalassiosira lineata

Thalassiosira mala

Thalassiosira mediterranea

Thalassiosira minuscula

Thalassiosira nanolineata

Thalassiosira oceanica

Thalassiosira oliverana

Thalassiosira partheneia

Thalassiosira profunda

Thalassiosira pseudonana

Thalassiosira punctifera

Thalassiosira rotula

Thalassiosira sackettii

Thalassiosira simonsenii

Thalassiosira spinosa

Thalassiosira subtilis

Thalassiosira tubifera


Detonula confervacea

Detonula pumila

Skeletonema costatum

Skeletonema dohrnii

Skeletonema japonicum

Skeletonema menzelii

Skeletonema pseudocostatum


Cyclotella atomus

Cyclotella meneghiniana

Cyclotella striata

Discostella stelligera

Stephanodiscus niagarae



Toxarium hennedyanum



Dimeregramma minor var. minor

Dimeregramma minor var. nanum

Glyphodesmis distans

Glyphodesmis rhombica

Plagiogramma appendiculatum

Plagiogramma atomus

Plagiogramma constrictum

Plagiogramma labuense

Plagiogramma pulchellum var. pulchellum

Plagiogramma pulchellum var. pygmaeum

Plagiogramma rhombicum

Plagiogramma rutilarioides

Plagiogramma schmidtii

Plagiogramma staurophorum

Plagiogramma tenuistratum

Plagiogramma wallichioides


Auliscus australiensis

Auliscus intercedens

Auliscus lucidus

Auliscus pruinosus

Auliscus punctatus var. punctatus

Auliscus punctatus var. carpentariae

Auliscus rhipis

Auliscus sculptus

Odontella aurita

Odontella dubia

Odontella regia

Odontella reticulata

Odontella retiformis var. trigona

Odontella sinensis

Odontella turgida

Pleurosira laevis

Triceratium biquadratum

Triceratium broeckii

Triceratium favus

Triceratium pentacrinus

Triceratium repletum

Triceratium reticulum

Triceratium robertsianum

Triceratium tessellatum




Achnanthes brevipes var. brevipes

Achnanthes brevipes var. angustata

Achnanthes citronella

Achnanthes corrupta

Achnanthes entrancensis

Achnanthes grunowii

Achnanthes hauckiana var. rostrata

Achnanthes javanica

Achnanthes lacunarum

Achnanthes longipes

Achnanthes lorenziana

Achnanthes macquariensis

Achnanthes mammalis var. reticulata

Achnanthes oblongella

Achnanthes parvula

Achnanthes pulchella

Achnanthes reidensis

Achnanthes taeniata


Achnanthidium exiguum

Achnanthidium minutissimum

Lemnicola hungarica

Planothidium delicatulum

Planothidium dispar

Planothidium lanceolatum

Planothidium quarnerensis


Amphicocconeis debesii

Anorthoneis hyalina

Anorthoneis vortex

Campyloneis grevillei

Cocconeis apiculata

Cocconeis convexa

Cocconeis costata

Cocconeis dirupta var. dirupta

Cocconeis dirupta var. flexella

Cocconeis diruptoides

Cocconeis disculus

Cocconeis distans

Cocconeis heteroidea

Cocconeis krammeri

Cocconeis maxima

Cocconeis molesta

Cocconeis ornata

Cocconeis pellucida

Cocconeis peltoides

Cocconeis pinnata

Cocconeis placentula var. placentula

Cocconeis placentula var. euglypta

Cocconeis placentula var. lineata

Cocconeis pseudomarginata

Cocconeis scutellum var. scutellum

Cocconeis scutellum var. parva

Cocconeis stauroneiformis

Cocconeis sublittoralis



Bacillaria paxillifera

Ceratoneis closterium

Cymbellonitzschia diluviana

Denticula subtilis

Hantzschia amphioxys

Hantzschia distinctepunctata

Hantzschia marina

Hantzschia virgata

Nitzschia amphibia

Nitzschia angularis

Nitzschia bicapitata

Nitzschia bilobata

Nitzschia brebissonii

Nitzschia bremenensis

Nitzschia brevirostris

Nitzschia commutata

Nitzschia dissipata

Nitzschia distans var. tumescens

Nitzschia fasciculata

Nitzschia fluminensis

Nitzschia cf. fonticola

Nitzschia frustulum

Nitzschia hummii

Nitzschia incurva

Nitzschia laevis

Nitzschia linearis

Nitzschia longissima f. longissima

Nitzschia longissima f. costata

Nitzschia lorenziana var. lorenziana

Nitzschia lorenziana var. subtilis

Nitzschia marina

Nitzschia martiana

Nitzschia obtusa var. obtusa

Nitzschia obtusa var. scalpelliformis

Nitzschia palea

Nitzschia plana

Nitzschia sicula

Nitzschia sigma

Nitzschia subinflata

Nitzschia tryblionella

Nitzschia vidovichii

Psammodictyon panduriforme

Pseudonitzschia americana

Pseudonitzschia australis

Pseudonitzschia calliantha

Pseudonitzschia cuspidata

Pseudonitzschia delicatissima

Pseudonitzschia dolorosa

Pseudonitzschia fraudulenta

Pseudonitzschia lineola

Pseudonitzschia multiseries

Pseudonitzschia multistriata

Pseudonitzschia pungens

Pseudonitzschia subpacifica

Tryblionella acuminata

Tryblionella apiculata

Tryblionella brightwellii

Tryblionella coarctata

Tryblionella cocconeiformis

Tryblionella compressa

Tryblionella graeffii

Tryblionella granulata

Tryblionella hungarica

Tryblionella lanceola

Tryblionella levidensis

Tryblionella marginulata

Tryblionella punctata

Tryblionella scalaris

Tryblionella victoriae



Climacosphenia moniligera



Cyclophora tenuis


Entopyla australis



Anomoeoneis serians var. serians

Anomoeoneis serians var. brachysira

Anomoeoneis sphaerophora var. sphaerophora

Anomoeoneis sphaerophora var. sculpta


Cymbella aspera

Cymbella sumatrensis

Cymbopleura naviculiformis

Encyonema elginense

Encyonema minutum

Placoneis amphibola


Gomphoneis mammilla

Gomphonema acuminatum

Gomphonema affine var. affine

Gomphonema affine var. insigne

Gomphonema pala

Gomphonema parvulum

Gomphonema truncatum var. truncatum

Gomphonema truncatum var. turgidum

Gomphonema undulatum

Gomphonema valentinica



Dictyoneis marginata



Amphicampa mirabilis

Eunotia bilunaris

Eunotia camelus

Eunotia diodon

Eunotia exigua

Eunotia formica

Eunotia cf. paludosa

Eunotia parallela

Eunotia pectinalis



Asterionella bleakleyi

Asterionellopsis glacialis

Bleakeleya notata

Ctenophora pulchella var. pulchella

Ctenophora pulchella var. lacerata

Fragilaria capucina var. capucina

Fragilaria capucina var. vaucheriae

Fragilaria crotonensis

Fragilaria hyalina

Fragilaria punctata

Fragilaria subsalina

Fragilaria tabulata var. truncata

Fragilaria toxoneides

Fragilariopsis doliolus

Fragilariopsis kerguelensis

Hyalosynedra laevigata

Martyana martyi

Meridion circulare

Nanofrustulum shiloi

Opephora guenter-grassii

Opephora schwartzii

Podocystis adriatica

Podocystis spathulata

Pseudostaurosira brevistriata

Staurosira venter

Staurosirella leptostauron

Staurosirella pinnata

Synedra acus var. varipunctata

Synedra crystallina

Synedra formosa

Synedra fulgens

Synedra laevigata var. hyalina

Tabularia fasciculata

Tabularia investiens

Trachysphenia australis

Ulnaria acus

Ulnaria danica

Ulnaria ulna



Licmophora araphidea

Licmophora ehrenbergii f. ehrenbergii

Licmophora ehrenbergii f. grunowii

Licmophora flabellata

Licmophora gracilis var. anglica

Licmophora lyngbyei

Licmophora paradoxa



Aneumastus tusculus

Mastogloia acutiuscula

Mastogloia affirmata

Mastogloia angulata

Mastogloia apiculata

Mastogloia asperula

Mastogloia aff. asperuloides

Mastogloia baldjikiana

Mastogloia barbadensis

Mastogloia binotata

Mastogloia braunii

Mastogloia brunii

Mastogloia ciskeiensis

Mastogloia cocconeiformis

Mastogloia corsicana

Mastogloia cribrosa

Mastogloia crucicula

Mastogloia dansei

Mastogloia decussata

Mastogloia aff. elegans

Mastogloia elliptica

Mastogloia erythraea

Mastogloia euxina

Mastogloia exigua

Mastogloia exilis

Mastogloia fimbriata

Mastogloia aff. foliolum

Mastogloia gracilis

Mastogloia halophila

Mastogloia horvathiana

Mastogloia ignorata

Mastogloia inaequalis

Mastogloia labuensis

Mastogloia lanceolata

Mastogloia lata

Mastogloia liaotungensis

Mastogloia lineata

Mastogloia macdonaldii

Mastogloia malayensis

Mastogloia mauritiana

Mastogloia mediterranea

Mastogloia noosaensis

Mastogloia ovumpaschale

Mastogloia paradoxa

Mastogloia parva

Mastogloia perfecta

Mastogloia aff. pseudoelegans

Mastogloia pseudexigua

Mastogloia pseudoparadoxa

Mastogloia pulchella

Mastogloia pumila

Mastogloia punctifera

Mastogloia pusilla var. pusilla

Mastogloia pusilla var. linearis

Mastogloia pusilla var. subcapitata

Mastogloia quinquecostata

Mastogloia recta

Mastogloia reimeri

Mastogloia rostellata

Mastogloia rostrata

Mastogloia schmidtii

Mastogloia singaporensis

Mastogloia smithii

Mastogloia strigilis

Mastogloia subaffirmata

Mastogloia tenuis

Mastogloia varians

Mastogloia vasta



Frustulia creuzburgensis

Frustulia entrancensis

Frustulia magaliesmontana

Frustulia rhomboides

Frustulia vulgaris

Halamphora angularis

Halamphora coffeaeformis

Halamphora cuneata

Halamphora eunotia var. eunotia

Halamphora [Amphora] eunotia var. gigantea

Halamphora exigua

Halamphora fontinalis

Halamphora granulata

Halamphora holsatica

Halamphora subturgida

Halamphora turgida

Halamphora veneta


Berkeleya micans

Berkeleya rutilans

Berkeleya scopulorum var. scopulorum

Berkeleya scopulorum var. perlonga

Climaconeis stromatolitis


Brachysira styriaca


Cosmioneis eta


Luticola cohnii

Luticola inserata var. inserata

Luticola inserata var. undulata

Luticola mutica

Luticola muticoides

Luticola pseudomutica


Diploneis advena

Diploneis beyrichiana

Diploneis bombus var. bombus

Diploneis bombus var. bombiformis

Diploneis campylodiscus

Diploneis chersonensis

Diploneis coffaeiformis

Diploneis constricta

Diploneis crabro var. crabro

Diploneis crabro var. pandura

Diploneis debyi

Diploneis didyma

Diploneis domblittensis

Diploneis elliptica

Diploneis finnica

Diploneis fusca var. fusca

Diploneis fusca var. aestiva

Diploneis gemmata var. pristiophora

Diploneis gravelleana

Diploneis interrupta

Diploneis nitescens

Diploneis notabilis

Diploneis ovalis

Diploneis papula var. papula

Diploneis papula var. constricta

Diploneis rostrata

Diploneis smithii var. smithii

Diploneis smithii var. recta

Diploneis smithii var. rhombica

Diploneis stroemii

Diploneis suborbicularis

Diploneis subovalis

Diploneis vacillans var. vacillans

Diploneis vacillans var. renitens

Diploneis weissflogii


Austariella jamalinensis var. subcircularis

Biremis ambigua

Biremis lucens

Caloneis bacillum

Caloneis brevis var. elliptica

Caloneis excentrica

Caloneis liber

Caloneis linearis

Caloneis macquariensis

Caloneis powellii

Caloneis samoensis

Chamaepinnularia clamans

Cocconeiopsis orthoneoides

Craticula cuspidata

Craticula halophila

Diademoides luxuriosa

Haslea gigantea var. gigantea

Haslea gigantea var. tenuis

Haslea howeana

Haslea ostrearia

Haslea spicula

Haslea wawrikae

Hippodonta capitata

Lyrella david-mannii

Lyrella hennedyi

Lyrella impercepta

Lyrella implana

Lyrella lyra var. lyra

Navicula [Lyrella] lyra var. dilatata

Lyrella lyra var. subcarinata

Lyrella robertsiana

Lyrella opuntioides

Lyrella sandriana

Lyrella spectabilis

Navicula [Lyrella] spectabilis var. minuta

Lyrella sulcifera

Mastoneis biformis

Meuniera membranacea

Navicula abrupta

Navicula abunda

Navicula agnita

Navicula alpha

Navicula applicata

Navicula arenaria var. rostellata

Navicula aucklandica

Navicula bastowii

Navicula brasiliensis var. brasiliensis

Navicula brasiliensis var. bicuneata

Navicula cancellata

Navicula cincta

Navicula clementis

Navicula clipeiformis

Navicula comoides

Navicula confervacea

Navicula cryptocephala

Navicula cyprinus

Navicula digitoradiata var. digitoradiata

Navicula digitoradiata var. elliptica

Navicula directa

Navicula dissipata

Navicula diversa

Navicula elegans

Navicula elegantoides

Navicula erifuga

Navicula gastrum

Navicula grevillei

Navicula hochstetteri

Navicula ilopangoensis

Navicula jeffreyae

Navicula libellus

Navicula longa

Navicula maculata f. confederata

Navicula menisculus

Navicula normaloides

Navicula peregrina var. peregrina

Navicula peregrina var. meniscus

Navicula pupula var. capitata

Navicula pusilla

Navicula radiosa

Navicula ramosissima

Navicula rhynchocephala

Navicula salinarum

Navicula schroeteri

Navicula schonkenii

Navicula stigmatifera

Navicula subinflatoides

Navicula subrhynchocephala

Navicula symmetrica

Navicula tripunctata var. tripunctata

Navicula tripunctata var. schizonemoides

Navicula viridula var. viridula

Navicula viridula var. germainii

Parlibellus cruciculoides

Parlibellus hamulifera

Parlibellus panduriformis

Parlibellus plicatus

Petroneis granulata

Petroneis marina

Seminavis macilenta

Seminavis ventricosa

Trachyneis aspera var. aspera

Trachyneis aspera var. intermedia

Trachyneis aspera var. pulchella

Trachyneis velata


Neidium affine

Neidium productum


Diatomella balfouriana

Diatomella parva

Oestrupia ergadensis

Pinnularia biceps f. biceps

Pinnularia biceps f. petersenii

Pinnularia borealis

Pinnularia brevicostata

Pinnularia divergentissima

Pinnularia gentilis

Pinnularia lata

Pinnularia magnaconvexa

Pinnularia major

Pinnularia mayeri

Pinnularia microstauron

Pinnularia nobilis

Pinnularia quadratarea

Pinnularia rectangulata

Pinnularia rupestris

Pinnularia splendida var. splendida

Pinnularia splendida var. gibbosa

Pinnularia trevelyana

Pinnularia triumvirorum

Pinnularia viridis

Pinnularia yarrensis


Plagiotropis lepidoptera

Plagiotropis longis

Plagiotropis pusilla

Plagiotropis vitrea


Gyrosigma balticum

Gyrosigma beaufortianum

Gyrosigma distortum

Gyrosigma eximium

Gyrosigma fasciola

Gyrosigma formosum

Gyrosigma obscurum

Gyrosigma parvulum

Gyrosigma rectum

Gyrosigma spenceri

Gyrosigma turgidum

Pleurosigma aestuarii

Pleurosigma angulatum

Pleurosigma barbadense

Pleurosigma decorum

Pleurosigma directum

Pleurosigma diversestriatum

Pleurosigma elongatum var. grossepunctatum

Pleurosigma fluviicygnorum

Pleurosigma intermedium

Pleurosigma longum var. lanceolatum

Pleurosigma marinum

Pleurosigma naviculaceum f. naviculaceum

Pleurosigma naviculaceum f. minutum

Pleurosigma normanii

Pleurosigma perthense

Pleurosigma reticulatum

Pleurosigma rigidum

Pleurosigma salinarum

Pleurosigma speciosum

Rhoicosigma compactum

Rhoicosigma oceanicum


Fallacia auriculata

Fallacia carpentariae

Fallacia florinae

Fallacia forcipata

Fallacia litoricola

Fallacia monoculata

Fallacia nummularia

Fallacia nyella

Fallacia pygmaea

Fallacia reissii

Fallacia subforcipata

Fallacia tenera

Sellaphora americana

Stauroneis acuta var. acuta

Stauroneis acuta var. inflata

Stauroneis anceps f. anceps

Stauroneis anceps f. linearis

Stauroneis dubitabilis

Stauroneis fulmen

Stauroneis pachycephala

Stauroneis phoenicenteron



Psammodiscus nitidus


Delphineis surirella var. surirella

Delphineis surirella var. australis

Diplomenora cocconeiformis

Neodetoia superba

Rhaphoneis amphiceros var. amphiceros

Rhaphoneis amphiceros var. crucifera

Rhaphoneis amphiceros var. tetragona

Rhaphoneis surirelloides



Epithemia adnata var. minor

Epithemia argus

Epithemia cistula var. lunaris

Epithemia reicheltii

Epithemia sorex

Epithemia turgida

Epithemia westermannii

Rhopalodia acuminata

Rhopalodia constricta

Rhopalodia gibba var. gibba

Rhopalodia gibba var. ventricosa

Rhopalodia gibberula var. gibberula

Rhopalodia gibberula var. globosa

Rhopalodia gibberula var. timsahensis



Grammatophora angulosa

Grammatophora hamulifera

Grammatophora marina

Grammatophora oceanica var. oceanica

Grammatophora oceanica var. macilenta

Grammatophora subtilissima

Grammatophora undulata

Microtabella delicatula

Microtabella interrupta

Striatella unipunctata



Amphiprora angustata

Entomoneis alata

Entomoneis costata

Entomoneis kjellmanii var. striolata

Entomoneis punctulata

Entomoneis tenuistriata


Campylodiscus adriaticus

Campylodiscus aequatorialis

Campylodiscus biangulatus

Campylodiscus bicostatus

Campylodiscus clypeus

Campylodiscus crebrecostatus

Campylodiscus daemelianus

Campylodiscus decorus

Campylodiscus echeneis

Campylodiscus fastuosus

Campylodiscus ornatus

Campylodiscus robertsianus

Campylodiscus samoensis

Campylodiscus undulatus var. undulatus

Campylodiscus undulatus var. leudigeri

Petrodictyon gemma

Stenopterobia intermedia

Surirella angusta

Surirella armoricana

Surirella brasiliensis

Surirella eximia

Surirella fastuosa

Surirella fluviicygnorum

Surirella javanica

Surirella moelleriana

Surirella ovalis

Surirella patrickae

Surirella striatula

Surirella tenera



Tabellaria flocculosa



Lioloma delicatulum

Thalassionema bacillaris

Thalassionema frauenfeldii

Thalassionema nitzschioides var. nitzschioides

Thalassionema nitzschioides var. lanceolata

Thalassionema nitzschioides var. parva

Thalassiothrix acuta

Thalassiothrix antarctica

Thalassiothrix heteromorpha var. mediterranea

Thalassiothrix longissima var. longissima

Thalassiothrix longissima var. gibberula

Thalassiothrix longissima var. lanceolata



Amphora acuta

Amphora affinis

Amphora angusta

Amphora arcta

Amphora arenaria

Amphora australiensis

Amphora bigibba

Amphora caroliniana

Amphora cingulata

Amphora crassa

Amphora crucifera

Amphora decussata

Amphora egregia

Amphora gigantea

Amphora graeffii var. minor

Amphora grevilleana

Amphora holsatica var. malayana

Amphora hyalina

Amphora javanica

Amphora laevis

Amphora laevissima

Amphora libyca

Amphora lineolata

Amphora maletractata var. constricta

Amphora mexicana

Amphora obtusa

Amphora ostrearia

Amphora ovalis

Amphora pediculus

Amphora proteus

Amphora rhombica var. rhombica

Amphora rhombica var. intermedia

Amphora richardiana

Amphora robusta

Amphora spectabilis

Amphora tetragibba

Amphora weissflogii


Nanoneis hasleae