Checklist of Pacific Island Lichens

21 August 2008

The first checklist of the lichens of the smaller Pacific islands was published in 1998 (J. A. Elix & P. M. McCarthy, Bibliotheca Lichenologica 70: 1–361). Here, we update that list.


Species and infraspecific taxa, their publication details, synonymy and bibliographic and distributional information are documented for 32 island groups and isolated islands in the Pacific Ocean between latitudes 40°N and 40°S.


A total of 291 genera are listed, with 2422 accepted species and intraspecific taxa and 1710 synonyms; 749 of the accepted taxa are based on type specimens from the region (indicated by *). We have not included records from Japan and islands of the Nansei-Shoto Ridge, Taiwan, the Philippines, New Guinea, the Bismarck Archipelago, Bougainville and New Zealand.

Names, records, literature and distributions published since 1998 are in blue. Checklists for each of the island groups will be added during 2008.

Records for the Australian territories of Lord Howe Island and Norfolk Island are not included here; these are available via

Pacific Islands
Numbers of lichen taxa in the Pacific Islands
American Samoa 12
Cook Islands 67
Easter Island 51
Fiji 159
Gambier Islands 2
Guadalupe 193
Guam 39
Hawaiian Islands 890
Isla del Coco 111
Islas Desventuradas 1
Islas Galápagos 253
Islas Juan Fernández 264
Islas Revillagigedo 26
Kermadec Islands 36
Kiribati 9
Marquesas Islands 71
Marshall Islands 9
Micronesia 34
New Caledonia 730
Niue 2
Northern Mariana Islands 65
Ogasawara-Shoto 82
Palmyra Island 5
Palau 3
Pitcairn Islands 25
Society Islands 224
Solomon Islands 176
Tonga 67
Tuamotu 24
Tubuai Islands 3
Vanuatu 120
Western Samoa* 180

* Includes 14 taxa reported from "Samoa".


We are grateful to André Aptroot (literature and corrections) and Hiroshi Harada (literature).

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