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Climbers for Sea-side Plantings

Clerodendrum inerme Scrambling Clerodendrum .Clerodendrum inerme

Hibbertia scandens


Climbing Guinea Flower Hibbertia scandens
Hoya australis Common Hoya .Hoya australis

Kennedia rubicunda


Dusky Coral Pea .Kennedia rubicunda
Marsdenia fraseri Narrow-Leaved Milk Vine .
Cissus hypoglauca . .Cissus hypoglauca
  1. Requires some protection
  2. Tolerates light to moderate frosts
  3. Can be very vigourous in these climatic zones
    - better grown away from buildings
  4. Shrubby climber
  5. Good under cover in cool temperature


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