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Visitor Centre Artist's impression

Artist's impression of future Visitor Centre

Master Plan for the Australian National Botanic Gardens

Implementation Overview | Design Approach | Memorable Experiences | Core Precinct | Connecting the Precinct | Enhancing Character

Towards the future: Inspiration, Conservation, Education and Recreation

The Master Plan provides the framework for the Gardens' projected infrastructure to support enhanced visitor experiences, horticulture and research capabilities over the next 20 years. This long-term vision will ensure that the Gardens remain at the forefront of contemporary gardens world-wide.

Key features of the Master Plan include:

  • A new National Seed Bank to help conserve our native flora
  • a Conservatory to display tropical plants from northern Australia and our Islands
  • a new Visitor Centre and Cafe
  • Children’s Nature Play Terrace
  • Ecotourism activities in the bushland precinct.

To bring the Master Plan to fruition we will be establishing a range of fundraising campaigns supported by capital funding from Parks Australia.

The completed Master Plan provides creative and sustainable directions for the Gardens that will greatly improve a most valuable national and cultural asset. Fulfilment of this plan will ensure the Gardens continue to grow as an outstanding botanic garden for the benefit of generations to come.

Download Master Plan Overview Brochure - PDF
Download Master Plan Overview Brochure - Word (text only)

Download Master Plan for the Australian National Botanic Gardens - PDF
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Download Australian National Botanic Gardens Master Plan - Word (text only)

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Implementation overview

The Master Plan will be implemented over a 20 year period, or sooner if funding becomes available. Many projects are planned to be undertaken within the next five years. The outcome of the Master Plan will benefit all Australians now and into the future - preserving, conserving and displaying Australia's native flora.





Master Plan Design Approach

A key objective of the Master Plan is to develop plans for new infrastructure and other attractions to support the growth of the Gardens' visitor experiences, educational and recreational opportunities without impacting on the precious living collection.

Core Precinct: aims of this area focus on welcoming visitors enabling them to quickly orientate themselves and plan their visit. Emphasis has been placed on developing a central hub featuring the Visitor Centre, Cafe and Function Centre, and Nature Play Terrace.

Northern Precinct: to be consolidated into a new integrated service zone, including the new National Seed Bank.

Bushland Precinct: this zone will focus on ecotourism and a treetop adventure course, utilising the bushland setting.







Memorable experiences

Memorable Experiences and Destinations

The Master Plan will create new memorable experiences and visitor destinations such as the Nature Play Terrace, situated in the core precinct, attracting families and engaging children in educational and adventurous play.

The Rainforest Gully will have increased accessibility through a new fully integrated boardwalk.

A new Conservatory will be constructed near the Visitor Centre, which through its outstanding architectural design will become an iconic feature of the Gardens. It will display plants from Australia's tropics as well as threatened species, and provide spaces for educational and visitor experiences.

A planned program of public art will be integrated into the landscape to add layers of meaning and content for visitors.


Future conservatory - Artist's impression

Artist's impression of proposed new Conservatory


Core Precinct

A Dynamic Active Core Precinct

The Master Plan will create a dynamic and active heart through a core precinct comprising a new Visitor Centre, Cafe and Function room.

A new Event Amphitheatre and wedding garden will be developed beside the rainforest with excellent access to catering, pathways and parking.

Nearby will be the Nature Play Terrace for children, encouraging active imagination and play.

Lawn perspective - artist's impression





Connecting the Precinct

A new gateway entry experience and cross campus connections with CSIRO and the Australian National University are integral features of the Master Plan.

An environmentally-sensitive range of visitor facilities is proposed for the Bushland Precinct including a walking trail to the National Arboretum, a treetop adventure course and Eco-Lodge.

connecting the precinct

















Enhancing the Gardens' Character

The Master Plan enhances the character of the Gardens, integrating the existing landscape with the built environment.

A key objective of the plan is to deliver increased horticultural and research capabilities such as the new National Seed Bank – a world class facility commensurate with the Gardens' international best practice in seed banking, reflecting the critical importance of the work that is undertaken there.

It will also help connect the public to the importance of seed conservation with this new facility enabling 'behind the scene' tours. Horticultural maintenance facilities will be relocated to the northern edge of the site to maximise the visitor experience in the core precinct.

artist's perspective - new seedbank
Artist's impression of proposed new National Seed Bank

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