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fire management

Risk management


Download venue and safety information for school excursions (PDF - 30KB)
Download public liability - certificate of currency (PDF - 48KB)

If you are unable to access these documents, please contact the Education Officer to organise a suitable alternative format.

Emergency evacuation procedures

Fire Wardens are distinguished by their White (Chief Warden) and Red hats. Rangers wear a recognisable uniform. All Education staff are trained in evacuation procedures should an emergency occur. Please follow their instructions.

The following is the policy for emergency evacuation:

Fire in the grounds
In the event that the Chief Fire Warden, Police or ACT Fire Services will order an evacuation of the grounds, visitors and staff will evacuate through the front gate wherever possible.

Vehicles to turn RIGHT at Clunies Ross Street (as per local precinct evacuation plan).

Fire in the education buildings
On the sound of an alarm, or instruction from a Fire Warden alert others. Evacuate all visitors from building. Direct them to proceed to assembly area on the lawns in front of Floresco in the Gardens café. Fire wardens will provide further instructions.

Night time
Staff are equipped with a radio in each group, and access to a mobile telephone. They will communicate an emergency to all groups, call emergency services, open the gates and direct their groups to your coach.

In the event of strong winds or storms that may lead to falling branches, the Gardens will be closed.

All Emergencies – Report to a staff member. The Visitor Centre can be contacted on 6250 9540

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