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August-September 2014

last issue: June-July 2014

The Gardens’ Library is located on the first floor of the Botany Building at the ANBG, Clunies Ross Street, Black Mountain.
Opening hours are 9.30am to 4.30pm, Monday to Friday. Members of the public may use the library by appointment.

The bulletin contains a list of new material recently received in the library. These items together with recent issues of journals and magazines are on display in the ANBG Library for approximately three to four weeks. All registered library clients are welcome to use the library and photocopy display items or reserve items for loan.

Staff may request items from the bulletin by phone, fax or email.
Phone: (02) 6250 9480
Fax: (02) 6250 9432


Digitising accumulated physical records: a guide to initiating and planning digitisation projects
Canberra : National Archives of Australia, 2013.
Also available at:
P 025.84 DIG

Parks Australia strategic directions 2014 – 2015
[Canberra]: Parks Australia, 2014.
Also available to Dept staff at:
P 333.7830994 PAR

Majura’s treasures: a guide to interpreting the region’s heritage
Canberra : Conservation Council ACT Region, 2013.
333.78309947 MAJ

Digging up deep time: fossils, dinosaurs and megabeasts from Australia’s distant past
Paul Willis and Abbie Thomas
Sydney : ABC Books, 2005
ANBG copy donated by Stephen Skinner, February 2014
560.450994 WIL

Bush Blitz reports
Canberra : Australian Biological Resources Study, 2013-2014.
Also available at:
Fish River Station Northern Territory, 2012.
577.0994295 FIS
Brooklyn, Cloudland, Melsonby (Gaarraay) Nature Refuges; Eubenangee Swamp, Hann Tableland, Melsonby (Gaarraay) National Parks; Upper Bridge Creek, Queensland, 2010.  577.099436 BRO
Culgoa Floodplain National Park Qld; Culgoa, Gundabooka, Mount Grenfell (proposed), Paroo-Darling, Toorale National Parks; Gundabooka, Paroo-Darling, Toorale State Conservation Areas; Culgoa, Ginghet, Ledknapper, Quanda Nature Reserves; Mount Grenfell Historic Site NSW, 2009-2010.
577.099449 CUL
Kurtonitj, Lake Condah, Tyrendarra Indigenous Protected Areas Victoria, 2011. 577.099457 KUR
Neds Corner Station Victoria, 2011.
577.099459 NED

Peat-forming bogs and fens of the Snowy Mountains of NSW: technical report
Geoffrey Hope, Rachel Nanson & Peter Jones
Sydney South : Office of Environment and Heritage, 2012
Available at:
577.687099447 PEA

Kakadu National Park symposia series. Symposium 7: Conservation of threatened species. 26-27 March 2013, Bowali Visitor Centre ...
S Winderlich & J Woinarski (eds)
Darwin : Supervising Scientist Division, 2014 (Internal report; 623)
Also available at:
578.680994295 KAK

Report on botanical nomenclature - Melbourne 2011: XVIII International Botanical Congress, Melbourne : Nomenclature Section, 18-22 July 2011
Christina Flann, Nicholas J. Turland, Anna M. Monro
[Sofia, Bulgaria] : Pensoft, 2014. (PhytoKeys, vol. 41)
580.14 INT

‘Long views & short vistas’: Victoria’s nineteenth-century public botanic gardens
Gwen Pascoe
North Melbourne : Australian Scholarly, 2012
ANBG copy purchased with funds donated by Friends of the Australian National Botanic Gardens, March 2014.
580.73945 PAS

The botanist and the judge : Allan Cunningham in Tasmania 1818 – 1819
A.E. Orchard & T.A. Orchard ; botanical interpretation by S.J. Jarman & G. Kantvilas.
Weston Creek, A.C.T. : The Authors, 2014.
ANBG copy donated by Tony Orchard, September 2014.
580.92 CUN

A guide to Australian native essential oils
Greg Trevena
Byron Bay, N.S.W. : Essentially Australian, 2012
P 581.6340994 TRE

Garden weeds: a gardener’s guide to identifying and controlling weeds, revised edition,
Bruce Morphett
Adelaide : Dept of Environment, Water and Natural Resources, 2012
581.6520994 MOR

What is that weed and how did it get here ?
[Darwin, N.T.] : Northern Territory Government, Nursery & Garden Industry Northern Territory,[2014?]
32 p. booklet on weeds of the Northern Territory.
P 581.652099429 WHA

A traveller’s flora: a guide to familiar plants, along roadsides, in fields and forgotten places
Bruce A. Auld
Borenore, NSW : Samara, 2013
Describes the conspicuous plants you are likely to see while travelling around SE Australia. Includes crop plants, native plants and weeds.
581.7550994 AUL

Common plants of Central Australia
Diane Napier, Jennie Purdie, Lesley Alford & Michael Barritt
South Australia : Gecko Books, 2013
581.9942 COM

Wildflowers of southwest Australia: Augusta-Margaret River region
Jane Scott & Patricia Negus
 North Fremantle, WA : Cape to Cape, 2013
582.13099412 SCO

Alpine wildflowers of Tasmania, 2nd edition
Phil Collier
Hobart : Australian Plants Society Tasmania Inc, 2012 (Plant identikit)
P 582.1309946 COL

Liverworts and hornworts of Rwanda
Eberhard Fischer
[Belgium]: Belgium Development Corporation, 2013 (Abc taxa; v. 14)
588.30967571 FIS

Dung down under: dung beetles for Australia
Bernard Doube and Tim Marshall
Bridgewater, SA : Dung Beetle Solutions Australia, 2014
595.76490994 DOU

A guide to sharks of Kakadu rivers
Peter Kyne
[Canberra]: National Environment Research Programme, [2014]
Also available at:
P 597.30994295 KYN

Australian bird names: a complete guide
Ian Fraser and Jeannie Gray
Collingwood, Vic. : CSIRO Publishing, 2013
ANBG copy purchased with funds donated by Friends of the Australian National Botanic Gardens, March 2014.
598.0994014 FRA

Bird trails of the Riverina and south west slopes of NSW
M.C. Schultz & T.C. Valenzisi
Henty, N.S.W. : Riverina & South West Slopes Nature-Based Tourism Group, 2010
P 598.099448 BIR

The brother gardeners: botany, empire and the birth of an obsession
Andrea Wulf
London : Windmill Books, 2009
ANBG copy purchased with funds donated by Friends of the Australian National Botanic Gardens, March 2014.
635.0941 WUL

Making landscape architecture in Australia
Andrew Saniga
Sydney : UNSW Press, 2012
History of landscape architecture in Australia. Includes mention of Otto Ruzicka who designed parts of the ANBG.
712.0994 SAN

I’m Monty the mountain devil : colouring and puzzle book
Eve Roy
Katoomba, N.S.W. : Katoomba Scenic Railway, 1986
Features cartoon character styled on the horned woody seed follicles of Lambertia formosa.
Rare P 743.7 IMM

Kirstenbosch Biennale 2013 catalogue: an exhibition of southern African botanical art
[Claremont, Cape Town] : Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden, 2013.
ANBG copy donated by Pat and Warwick Wright, February 2014.
743.70968 KIR

The art of Australian Geographic illustration
Alasdair McGregor
Sydney : Australian Geographic, 2013
758.0994 MCG

The golden age of botanical art
Martyn Rix
Chicago : University of Chicago Press, 2012
ANBG copy purchased with funds donated by Friends of the Australian National Botanic Gardens, March 2014.
758.42 RIX

High country footprints: Aboriginal pathways and movements in the high country of southeastern Australia: recognising the ancient paths beside modern highways
Peter Kabaila
Canberra : Pirion Publishing, 2005
994.0899915 HIG

A steady hand: Governor Hunter & his First Fleet sketchbook
Linda Groom
Canberra : National Library of Australia, 2012
ANBG copy purchased with funds donated by Friends of the Australian National Botanic Gardens, March 2014.
994.402092 HUN



Impressions of a year in the Australian National Botanic Gardens, 2 [3rd revised edition]
Sheila Cudmore, project leader
Canberra : Friends of the Australian National Botanic Gardens, [2014]
AV 580.739471 IMP



The Botanical register : consisting of coloured figures of exotic plants, cultivated in British gardens, with their history and mode of treatment
Sydenham Edwards
London : James Ridgway, [1815-1826]
ANBG copy donated by Janice Bell, September 2014. Unique compilation of selected plates and text from volumes 1 to 11 of the series, bound into a single volume. Includes Australian taxa.
Rare 580 BOT



ANBG Volunteer Guides’ Meeting minutes 15 July, 19 August, 16 September 2014
Growing Friends record of meeting 2 August, 6 September 2014

Friends talks
21/8/2014  Exploring townhouse gardens in the ancient Roman world / Elizabeth Minchin

The daisy family (Asteraceae / Compositae)
Alexander Schmidt-Lebuhn
Images from Powerpoint presentation to Australian National Botanic Gardens staff and volunteers, 9 April 2014.
Archive – CANB-D

Norfolk Island quarantine survey 2013 – 2014: vascular plants: final report to Glynn Maynard
Brendan Lepschi, Bronwyn Collins & Kirsten Cowley
Canberra : Centre for Australian National Biodiversity Research, 2014
Archive – CANB-N

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